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From an (un) funny lie

Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is the stuff that usually gives off an odor, like as if one devices in a Kanalrattenpuff?

It's called "deodorant", short deodorant, so Zerriecher. Or Zerstinker.

This is of course a smooth term lie. It zerriecht not, but it stinks over. You can zerriechen or zerstinken no smell by means of a spray bottle. Outright lie.

As a stinker, truthfully, but it would be the people may not be as easy to sell: that is why it is called Deo.

Mostly it smells so perverse, as it is called. What should it cause against smelly armpits and the fumes still other body areas as well as different because?

That the stuff stinks worse than an otherwise stinks so easy, at least occasionally washes and no corresponding metabolic disease has, it seems to come only a few; or they trust it again just to say.

Therefore now my transcription of "DEO". Drüsenlos Extra vulgarity Olfactory (more ...)