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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I had certainly noticed already from the fact that it has for some time are quite a spat in the German "Truther" scene, but now times taken me a little leisure to familiarize myself with the respective catalogs accusation.

Focus scarce, some say, the great of the alternative scene carry virtually all a distraction agenda because they were themselves Masons or Scientologists or something; this hinwiederum pulpits as those fundamentalists, spinners, etc. from extremists.

After all, so far, there is probably still hope for reconciliation, one almost universally unifying bond among the armed cocks is not difficult to discern: spelling and punctuation as well as the correct use of the German language are they mostly indifferent or even strangers. You try as with any decent backyard brawl, not even barely noticeable as an ordinary elementary school pupils. (more ...)

"Truther": The term is not running

Wednesday 06 July 2011

It sometimes seems like a fight against windmills.

In the discussions on 9/11, only once, for example, are some well-meaning, hard-working people, of which but few are really well trained, an armada of professional, well-supported and paid Desinformanten - often even believing it, the real evil were the "Truther" - opposite.

And it starts already with little things, that the "Truther" fall regularly into an instant disadvantage.

Namely, if only by the term "Truther" itself. (more ...)