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From the transformation now

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed the same one needs to maintain essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois", as we now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. (more ...)

The Nachwuchse XVII

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now we come to the king ways.

I'm not saying that I know how necessary to follow it.

He is that one still even proceeds to turn into a source of inspiration and knowledge and groundbreaking art the whimsical worst.

Such developed many levels of power, which I will not describe in detail in this chapter.

The aim here is to understand this from the bottom of her. Why examples could easily just hurt.

The Royal is one of the creative transformation of the exterior on the interior to the exterior.

Of course, not all.

Much appearance must be coalesced inside until the royal appear visible even on the horizon.

The transformation of the exterior can not be brought about meditating.

Such claim the world is remote, the figs.

There is a need - and it was "only" the spiritual - that fact.

Otherwise it remains a sponge with a little detergent. (more ...)