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Who wants this tyranny? (II)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Not only do I see long exactly what's going on."

So I closed, but a little unsatisfactory, although true, the first part.

Georgia Guidestones, Chemtrails, HAARP, the ESM, Freemasons, "The Matrix," "Manchurian Candidates", all sorts of chatter about so-called "Illuminati" perfect fake "Protocols": Everything buzzing, sometimes real, sometimes "False Flag", usually with unclear symbolism by acts confused.

These "quantum computers" (as a worldview or Erstrebnis), reincarnation fantasies, an Aryan Jesus, endless "conspiracy theories" regarding historical falsifications, veil still behind the veils of Voranstverschleierten.

This is not about capitalism. In any case, in the sense in which the word understood today.

It goes some way to real heads of cattle.

Human cattle.

We will deliver anything. This is clear (more ...)

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe (II)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I want the first article - the knowledge of which I am providing here - now even add a little.

I assume that you want to disable the white man in Europe should therefore afraid of him has because many believe in reasonably homogeneous societies, to be able to find a different way than those of the current capitalism.

And without mass poverty, without expropriation without gigantic mountains of debt, without penal camp, police state and total surveillance, without systematic child poisoning (Ritalin), tons of drug addicts.

Might then also Japanese and Chinese and other rub their eyes and say, "Potzblitz, again a good, no, an epoch-making invention from Europe!"

And adapted to their needs and cultures that mimic our model.

That would not be the total tolerance, but the absolute disaster for those who are currently considering the capitalism (even on their international socialist auxiliary troops of the dumbest idiot) the threads.

The whole blood circulation of money would collapse.

Money money and money from war and misery and destruction not even running.

The people on the planet would it be much better very quickly.

The savings in military and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and banks and governments, which improves overall health unimaginable creative, innovative, productive forces used freely so far, so fast that no reasonable even in the dream was thinking to want to go back to the old system.

That would finally end.

Therefore, I think it is in Europe so radically against the white man.

I do not know how far you have already understood in Asia.

There have indeed not very many fundamentally understood even here.

But there are more every day.

And just because most of those who have already realized not dare to say, that does not mean it does not exist.

And there are very comfortable with even "simple" people, so craftsmen and farmers and clerks.

Many of them understand yet more intuitive, yet somewhat blurry.

But no sooner does one explain it one that open and receptive, you will come to a prepared soil.

A very important trick of the anti-white racists Total tolerance is the people who are their brainwashing or not fully inferior to suggest that they were a tiny minority.

So dare hardly anything to say, everyone is silent rather have the desired fear.

In addition to the personal encounter is our greatest opportunity unquestionably the World Network.

Anyone who opens his mouth, counts.

It counts even been to, the only better informed.

Because his thinking will change.

And so it is, even involuntarily, also speak and act differently.

So he's been a bit much less a slave.

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to be clear that the anti-white, anti-Christian, antiabendländische monster that now the EU is called, after the Second World War was planned at least.

There are many indications that much longer puttering in the background to it.

Who speak out against every kind of racism there, are in truth itself racist of the worst kind.

Whether their journalistic protagonists Broder or hot Augstein, which is called a other anti-Semitic Dreckschleuder: You agree that the white race in Europe belongs to the dump, no matter by what means.

Constitutional violation, breach of contract, expropriation, hate mongering, prison or psychiatry for dissenters, twisting all the concepts first and foremost that of tolerance in the totalitarian intolerance.

I'm going to not make the effort to prove here that this so carefully planned and deliberate. The examples of appropriate statements are legion.

Who this only addresses is an "anti-European" (also this term so on his head), "paranoid" (that looks through), a "conspiracy theorist" (ie a realist), at least if it is not equal to branded a racist (again on the head) or even as a Nazi, so people feel like a murderer.

Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is well-targeted, criticism or even rejection silenced, at least as far as this goes so far (one plans to ban them entirely), socially excluded, as criticism of Judaism or the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be mocked any of this partnership. From paganism to mention. This is before everything Nazi.

But this is only a taste of those super tolerance, which, as I said, already in the pipeline.

It grinds traditional holidays, calls for new, for immigrants, because of the tolerance.

Many places even the Sharia, even in a mild form, tolerated or required their tolerance: because of the tolerance.

Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism. Peaceful demonstrations are forbidden, while little or no pursuing violent attacks on election stands or events dissidents and promotes breastfeeding even on winding paths. All detectable, no booking air or invention of mine.

By becoming aware of the electronic total surveillance (which needs it because of the tolerance), there is a lot of people already so far put in fear that they can not even be trusted, or at least feel fear about to open in the web pages within the meaning of tolerant could somehow be intolerant. It is indeed registered with each click.

"Do you want total tolerance?"

No, we will not even rhetorically asked whether those people we want total tolerance.

Their total tolerance namely, as "more Europe" (ie less), no alternative.

So why even ask?

Now, however, you should ask yourself again: Why do they do that?

Well, many have realized that it. To uprooting and mass immigration to the unconditional Lohndrückerei and purpose of capitalism 'by the grace of Goldman Sachs et al about. Therefore, anything to shatter as to entdemokratisieren (because of tolerance, hehe), making it easier exploitable, manageable, that coercive measures, where the controllability then not quite so given, can be used necessary readily in advance as part the plan created. People should end still begging to have a reasonably functioning police state, on his knees.

The radical anti-white racism is based clearly on (this is clear by the sayings of a Coudenhove- Kalergi on) that one is afraid of the white man.

More precisely: It dares to reasonably homogeneous white people to be able to successfully set up the plan for the military. Economically, culturally and socially successful.

Therefore, the white race in Europe is to be destroyed.

This is not a "right" conspiracy theory. Lots of clear statements before lie to.

But, after all: How horribly grand as the plan may be, by simultaneously national resentments between European (residual) peoples are mercilessly poked course, the natural break down only by a super Europe, he is limited wise.

Namely where still a clear majority of white people understood to preserve its heritage and its sovereignty, things will go better than the Super tolerance States or in the Toltaltoleranz-EU.

It will be there to see exactly how the total tolerance EU is tolerated by Kulturbereicherern zutode by what is now already the case in schools already teach the total tolerance, the abolition of any genuine national and European identity. Especially white identity.

At some point you will need to run as many prison camps, need so much money on the military and police, are economically unproductive, that (remaining) white mass poverty occurs.

If you would then not succeed in bringing about a Third World War, it can be seen all over his plan to fail overnight.

Not every white man namely will shoot the white man, just because you have dressed him in a uniform.

And if you put only Muslims and Africans in the uniforms, the matter is more obvious and does not work for long.

The total tolerance lunatics will come to an end.

Desfalls it will cost many of them not only their power and wealth, but also the neck.

These seem but somehow still successfully displace.

Well: There are just misleading to all resolute insane anti-white racists.

Understanding of which is not to be expected.

Now that the matter is already pointed in the banlieues and the suburbs and the suburbs on button, make them all the more, still merciless drunk on their total hubris. (Who knows what else to do in the tea.)



I am writing this now so clearly because I reckon that is no longer to be allowed or able to soon. Many views are in the EU already criminalized. These people do not shrink even from murder. Anyone who has a different opinion, is for a terrorist. Of course, none of the good that you paid for itself and forms and sent to Libya or Syria, but one of those who are fighting to last on and eliminate if necessary.

If you ever so customer come into possession of my suicide, so I was not sure. And if I end up in the loony bin and will go down medicated performances there for full idiots, so certainly not because I had suddenly suffered an extended roof damage. And if I have an accident, then the probability is at least high that it was not. Do you think that not a word.

Who burned all nations and races to Behufe his plans for a man is nothing.

Enter this text further.

It is best to print it as well.

I beg you.


Addendum II

I give this text unchanged (no highlighting, internal assembly of foreign text or images or other elements, the beginning and the end clearly separated from any own opinion or comments before or after and including the name Magnus Wolf Goller, first appearance date and this blog as a source) to any gratuitous reproduction and publication dates.