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Save pharmaceutical industry! (II)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We must also reform these stupid religions. It must be clear that is going to hell, who does not go to the doctor every two weeks at least.

There, where believed in reincarnation, must be made clear that in the next life at best a cockroach with congenital multiple Hüftschaden and chronic bronchitis is who fails to comply with this rule.

Garlic Family are generally prohibited. When the bulb finally went. Finally mercury in the bulbs. Exemplary.

It is also essential that is already taught in elementary school, parents who send in a stomach ache or diarrhea their children to the doctor immediately to immediately report to the authorities.

In addition, the total Grippeimpfzwang must be found. And: No inoculant more without thimerosal and squalene.

Speaking of children: Every child has ADHD. Or have you ever seen a good kid all the time?

It also includes last more polonium in tobacco products. Why do people smoke it?

Important that all reasonable measures, however, is that life expectancy is not too much reduced. Any chronic illness should last a long time. The sustainability principle must apply Alleweil.

Benzoic acid is in all foods. Also good emulsifiers. And benzodiazepines.

Glass bottles are to be prohibited. Uneconomical. Plasticizers include in PET bottles.

Who - for example - his child against stomach ache makes a fennel, heard over the unauthorized practicing medicine in court, deprived of the custody logical.

Health insurance must finally fulfill their duty. There must be no contribution rebates for healthy subjects. Again: What do we actually have the EU?

The word "healthy" is to make the non-word. It must be made clear to everyone that this is just a meaningless semantic construct.

Who does not go to the doctor when he sprained his ankle or headache, is a potential suicide. What else. So closed.

The word "malaise" belongs repaid. No one is just so merely uncomfortable.

Those who still dares to feel uncomfortable simply, is to medicate as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Anyway, everyone has to be considered as a paranoid conspiracy theorist who does not change his diet to microwave ready. Microwave eventually kills germs. Who does not know, accepted, even the help is only in the closed.

Oh Yeah.

The necessary Angänge are many.

But still lack the right commitment.

Even some doctors do not take their pills.

The are all equal in the Closed.

And it was just the Exempels sake.

Bill Gates: the beggar to Hirnverstrahlung and poison for all children

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poor Bill Gates wants to save the poor little children by missed them all cell phones and vaccines.

For this, he has even become a beggar .

"I am a beggar now," said one of the richest men on the planet and keeps the joke probably still turned out well.

Every child should first be registered and then get strapped a mobile phone to the jaw, day and night, so that not only his brain irradiated neat, but it can be vegiftet also time with mercury (thimerosal) and squalene, even before his stomach has learned Monsanto -Genmüll to digest large enough to sufficiently death dust from depleted uranium breathe his lungs and his liver is poisoned with Corexit.

A rather conceived plan for a beggar. (more ...)

National emergency due to weak flu

Sunday, October 25, 2009

US President Obama has declared a National Emergency yesterday because of the swine flu.

Now forced vaccinations, Masseninternierungen and others, still further measures by the authorities are possible: the American Constitution is de facto suspended.

The less the virus proves to be really dangerous and the less people show vaccinations, and is known the more about the dangers of vaccines to the more violent the government propaganda.

But this is no longer merely propaganda.

The matter is now being addressed as a rule of war.


PS: squalene (not approved in the US) has since been frequently mentioned as an active amplifier in Pandemrix (GSK); about his specific hazard and the connection with the Gulf War Syndrome to my knowledge appeared in the sheep media but still nothing. The mercury compound thimerosal as a preservative, however, there came increasingly virulent into disrepute.

Taboo word squalene

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anyway: The term thiomersal (Thimoseral) is now significant at last fallen as the mercury-containing preservative of GSK-folk preparation Pandemrix against swine flu; also that sooner aluminum hydroxide was used as an active amplifier, I could now read.

Only the taboo word squalene for the new miracle amplifier I did not hear still. (more ...)

Schweinebande II

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've just once looked through today's online editions of Der Spiegel, Stern and Focus on swine flu for: (engl. Squalene) Constant is immune boosters, additives, adjuvants in mass vaccine talk of violent protests by the medical profession, but the words squalene and Thimerosal (engl. Thimoseral) are still not fallen.

Only the mirror is now so graciously information, after all, to speak of a mercury-containing Konservieruungsstoff.

It is now also found that unless the government and the army and the employees of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut highest self, that is the place that (GlaxoSmithKline) for the common Stupid people allowed the adjuvanted bulk vaccine would rather choose to vaccinate with the unadjuvantierten Baxter.

These men and women should also know what the human body is better omitted yes.

I'm curious how long the names of the two substances can be virtually kept secret even from the public.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fortunately, the adjuvants or active amplifier in the swine flu vaccine come more and more into the discussion, especially since not only have ordered the pure vaccine for the Bundeswehr but also our politicians, which can be naturally just sooo happened accidentally.

Nevertheless, I have never and nowhere the word "squalene" belongs to the sheep media in this context (whether printed, radio or TV), not even critics say the worst word from.

Very strange; or maybe not: (more ...)

Soldiers without squalene (squalene)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The German Army has ordered another vaccine against swine flu, as was ordered for the rest of the population in Germany.

It was already known for a while. But now has come out as it differs from the standard preparation: no adjuvants, ie additives.

So no squalene as a potentiator it. But there is also talk that not even preservatives were accepted. They would be, in particular, the mercury compound thimerosal (more ...)