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Jake Stratton-Kent against secret societies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I just came through a search loop which further led me of Aleister Crowley, once again to Jake Stratton-Kent, one of the hardest of the three bells of Western magic.

And, behold, now turns itself a Jake (!!!) generally against (the formation of) secret societies.

(I do not know how he had then laughed at me or even ridiculed only mild, I would have predicted that he would probably ascend even to so much Gnosis, at some point in his intelligence perhaps even in this incarnation. Perhaps I've even times done, but I remember at least not exactly.)


Who has nothing with the whole Crowleyanischen stuff, Thelema, Golden Dawn, ritual magic, etc. on the hat, nevertheless might be interested in what this tough, old, wily bone today says.

An excerpt:

"The whole Secret Society model is not only unhelpful, but Actively counter-productive. It is the principle reason why so much energy is expended fighting tiny little wars in between factions (between witch groups, in between rival Golden Dawn, in between thelemic groups etc etc). Energy did could be better spent elsewhere - like Incorporating the real advances in recovering our tradition made Possible by * non-secretive * sources like academia ".

"The whole secret society model is not only not helpful, but actively counterproductive. It is the principal reason why so much energy on fighting out of tiny wars between factions is consumed (between witches groups, between rival Golden Dawn, Thelemic between groups, etc. etc.). Energy that would be better used elsewhere -., Such as the incorporation of real progress in the recovery of our tradition that made by 'non-secretive' sources such as academic possible "

You can omit the witches, etc., and the wars fall between large secret societies sometimes slightly larger than between supporters neocrowleyanischer factions and Winzorden.

Yes, dear Jake, for a good, simple inspection it is just never too late.


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418: Crowley was funny!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

As I see just that we now have 418 Facebook friends here, but I feel compelled to prove this high number of Thelemitentums my reverence.

It was me, however, just to idle to look up which Kabbalistic caprices weiland real capacities in this regard as a Jake Stratton-Kent and have done up to now to locate: but there came over me a spontaneous sentimentality.

Back when we still Liber Allten! (more ...)