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False Flag Reloaded

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's look at the term "False Flag" / "False Flag", which has come in recent years greatly in fashion, sometimes in more detail at:

English Wikipedia:

"False flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive in seeking a way did the operations appear <br> as though They Are being Carried out by other entities."

In German (not quite identical):

"He (the term" false flag ", n. I) refers to a company that is supposedly carried out to conceal the identity and intentions of the actual author of a third party."

Well, what operations are used under false colors, which are classic ones understood by everyone.

But what about a variant that is now subsumed by many also including: namely, that, for example, a secret political assassination, acts of terrorism, etc. does not execute itself and pushes the matter to an opponent in the shoes, but still much risk free, behind exaggerated , swift going on. (more ...)

Hypocrisy and terror

Friday, March 23, 2012

While filibustert of current events on Islamist terror in Europe again, there's no tomorrow, it has just been overthrown in Libya in cooperation with Al-Qaeda and similar groups, a largely secular regime and working on the same goal with the same people now in Syria, where Christians and other minorities, yet safe, already left the country in large numbers or already sitting on packed suitcases.

The worst joke in this whole farce is of course the talking doll-like repetition of the claim that violent Islamism have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the proof is still the land of the guardians of the Holy Places: Saudi Arabia.

The country in which not only apostasy carries the death penalty, our best Arab friend, financed known worldwide for decades the spread of fundamentalist Sunni forms of Islam. Everyone knows that. But it does not matter.
That settles the fact that the German Foreign Minister's husband leaves home when he goes there.

At the same time whining here about Islamophobia and racial discrimination that the camel rind crashes. It has everything method. (more ...)

Why terrorist acts

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I want to input on the previous article " Terror benefits Sarkozy "refer, whose knowledge I am providing here.

Let's look at certain rituals. Especially those that you normally should not criticize.

French President Sarkozy ordered after the murder of a Jewish teacher and three Jewish school children at a national minute of silence in all schools. I do not know that anyone would have dared to speak up against it. This certainly not only because none will be happy to pull the safe anticipated reproach, he would bring Jewish victims too little compassion and respect contrary; but also because the questioning of such events is practically already become a general social taboo.

But I wonder. (more ...)

Terror benefits Sarkozy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Political commentators are in agreement that in favor of the voters against his challenger Hollande been largely severed Sarkozy has to remain a good chance President of France since the murders of three soldiers, a Jewish teacher and three Jewish children in Montauban and Toulouse again. The tragedy gave him the opportunity to finally convincing act presidential: and he had since Hollande had to hold back, used confidently.

At the same time we are told, with what quiet dignity the French had carried the matter. All assert that this kind of terrorism should have no effect on the cohesion and the fate of the nation.

Because obviously something does not fit together. (more ...)

Global war and hunger porn on the road to Fat City

Friday 03 February 2012

"Global War and hunger Porn on the way to Fat City": What this text is concerned, it is my first, whoever has him actually written.

A "must read", as the Anglo-Saxon likes to say.

I will limit myself in this case comment on it, to quote a few passages and add my German version.

"Were you up for it anyway, you who bring the unwilling world to the doorstep of war globally? You who are arranging the tableau, like a dinner table for the damned, ferrying ships bound for salvage, to be evidence in yet another false flag, waving red blood above the burning bodies of the duped and deluded who went into combat for bankers. The pens move and the weapons fire. Iran Has done nothing to you. Their restraint HAS BEEN admirable. In the mountains, ordinary human beings are skiing. They are walking through the pistachio orchards. They are dreaming Their individual dreams, within the parameters of the collective dream. They are people like you and I. They have children, families and friends. They are not making was. We are. "

(Did you get it anyway before that you bring the recalcitrant world to the brink of World War III? You who prepares the table, like a Nachtmahltisch for the damned, the rescue certain ships sending out, in turn prove sake false flag, the blood-red over the burning bodies of the battle drawn for bankers cheated and deceived blows. The springs move and fire the weapon. Iran has done nothing to you. Their restraint is admirable. In the mountains ordinary people skiing. You walk through the pistachio gardens. They dream their personal dreams, within the framework of all common dream. They are people like you and me. They have children, families and friends. Do not they go to war. But we.)

"The most powerful agency for calculated is death and destruction is the fundamentalist Christian right. Their sanctimonious, demagogic preachers, whip them into a lather of self righteous hate, manipulated and inspired by the very ones who committed the crimes did others are blamed for. "

(The most powerful organ for calculated death and destruction is the fundamentalist Christian right. Your hypocritical, volksaufhetzenden priest whip in a foaming self-righteous hatred, operated and instilled by just those who committed the crimes with which others are accused.)

"Their missionaries go off to Africa, Where They paint sugarwater under the eyes of starving children, so did the flies will there country falling on the photo-op. They are the merchants of hunger Porn."

(Your missionaries go to Africa, where they emphasize sugar water under the eyes of starving children, so the flies land during the photo session there. They are the merchants of hunger pornography.) (more ...)

US homegrown terrorists

Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is the hardness.

The FBI acts of attempted terrorist attacks with, apparently from A to Z, provides even the (alleged) bombs and a (non-functioning) rocket so, and then the Granatenstümper-Mitdelinquenten be arrested by want to place the dummies and get 25 years jail. (read more ...)

Incompetent rabble

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still not a terrorist attack? Pennen all day and night?

Until the abkoffern a suitcase, I have stupid half the world with my scribblings.

Incompetent rabble.

Lies dirt

Friday, November 19, 2010

All right. Decided. I will not even read the terrorist filth of Bild Zeitung today.

That it is dirty, is clear anyway.

Whether it is good tomorrow, here at least to snap a halfway superfluous joke: schaunmermal, maintains the emperor to say.

Image makes Terror

Friday, November 19, 2010

I've actually bought me today at 60 euro cents a tabloid.

She was so bold at Lidl.

For the sole Behufe to stop here, which shall terrorist dizziness traded today.

My disgust was now so great that I previously could not this garbage beyond the headline to read further.

Maybe I'll come back later in the evening at that.

After a good meal and eight bottles of wine.

Democracy needs terrorists

Monday, November 01, 2010

Now it has managed a Marxist guerilla to Brazilian presidential chair .

Lula da Silva highly self she raised to the throne.

Who still wonders that in Germany, a left-wing extremist Polizistenverprügler Green gooder foreign minister, with the war and all that goes with it (more ...)

The cold sweat of Censors

Monday, June 01, 2009

Let's look at the matter with the planned Internet censorship once more exactly.

After 9/11, attacked and destroyed the US and its vassals, founded on lies buildings, Iraq, after Afghanistan was already occupied and fought for almost eight years now there bitterly.

Everything somehow against "the terrorists".

Against "terrorists" have been bombed for good, villages wiped out, tortured, tons of fired DU munitions, politicians and the press largely into line, and yet most Germans did not support the Afghanistan mission and have it get never to do so with the fear as Mr. Schäuble it would like.

Still, the people struggles against further restrictions on his freedom rights, against war, against total surveillance and ever-reaching censorship.

But then has a seemingly brilliant idea.

Since "the terrorists" usually run around in sandals or at most hertreiben an ass in front of him, no one realizes why authorizing an Internet censorship would be needed somewhere in Central Asia, one makes on a new barrel.

The pretty, cute, petite, always smiling blonde Adelchen with seven children (goats?), Mrs. Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen is sent to the propaganda front, and demands the intervention, the "terrorists" not got her cabinet colleague Schäuble against, now against "the child molester". (more ...)

Terror in New York! - Fun for Father's Day (Ascension)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I just heard in the 16-clock-news my Bavaria radios that the terrorists in New York who wanted to allegedly commit bomb attacks on Jewish institutions and shoot with Stinger missiles aircraft, said to have been infiltrated by an FBI agent.

The've sold them for their goals completely useless, absolutely harmless explosives and rocket and missile launchers dummies, which no one ever could have been injured.

Rakenten so to speak, funny backpacks and sneezing powder. (more ...)