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Already bitched

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Avatar bucket has already bitched that he indeed as envisaged hollow inside, but still nothing in it drinsei.

I was able to calm him hardly.

Huld conditions Hammelburg

Monday, March 29, 2010

From a Friday blog comment quoted (Author / in) "borntobmild":

"If the Kühn his mustard does not want to give only Hammelburger fat can save the West."

(Much commentator called Kühn had just adopted a snort from the discussion.)

Purchased "Science"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meanwhile, the knowledge is advanced to the level that global warming is now paused for ten years, such as if the sun had or the oceans, or both, or even sonstnochwas conspired against the Weltklimakatastrophler to their scorn and ridicule viciously.

However, you would have the world public can readily tell the tale already fünnef years ago that things go differently than predicted (hoped?); and of course leave from the people who now after all lie next to already for a decade, not on the earth for 2050 or 2100 significantly warmed to know; Finally, you would be smooth stupid if you einsichtigerweise not abgäbe the prognosis, which is ordered and already paid for.

If you for claiming any things that are nevertheless not be ruled out, euro sums auslobt people in the five-figure monthly area, this budget in the millions, it is not surprising when almost everyone can join, especially if the alternative Verpönung as "climate deniers" (sounds like "Holocaust denier" - the comparison was also attracts been used) and ejected destitution by itself. (more ...)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh yes:. (!... This is originally genuine, because he was because the author's note) On the occasion of the beforigen Articels

In my Kommentary to the appropriate network page ("Friday," added afterwards ...) I verpersonalizete me jokingly as "Magnificent Caller" instead of Magnus Goeller to the gewanteten Verangelsachsung enough to do.

So if no "east" or else knows neither right nor German English can, especially as an inveterate "Native Netizen" is the must from now me also so responsive (zumailen, feedbackanposten, checkochilled zusammenverkommenten, download here ...) so that it its Nerd honor not perish in reason or on common sense.

I am more tolerant than tolerant, moderate part.

PS: The previous article to which I refer ("Blog - block!"), In connection with an "Internet community" was swallowed by cyberspace mysteriously. Seriously. I'll catch up with.

PPS: This is really none of my jokes that an article disappeared; I can only protest and ask for leniency.

PPPS: The article, which was lost, I summarize now in the record that I entered a "community", I would have called community and I like nonsense also found in German National, especially what their English "Nick" in a "chat" ( chat) concerned; therefore now: "block" instead of "blog". The embarrassment should be enough.

Swine Flu: What's that?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Since the matter assumes the swine flu hysteria always monstrous trains (you only watch once in bild.de after), I began anew to research and came at once to the current online contributions of F. William Engdahl , Gerhard Wisnewski and Michael Grandt on the network side of the Kopp-Verlag , to which I would like to expressly point.

As these authors so clearly show the current problem already, that I better not to see myself in the position I want it today, except for a small personal comment left at this urgent recommendation to inform themselves there.

(I sit below an at least rudimentary reading of the articles mentioned authors advance.) (more ...)

Lord Godbama

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh thou stove Hallow, thine humble serfs adore thee!

We bow to thine every want!

Thy serfs swear all burnt offerings Claimed by thee!

Thy flock worshippeth thy firespewers in the heavens of Palestine and the lands of the Euphrates and all other lands!

Thy flock Shall utterly smite thy foes!

For thou gavest thy flock light and truth!

Ran thus take every one child from thy flock!

Thy brethren serfs' shall offer all in rapture!

There is none other than thee, O Saviour Lord Godbama!