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The Michel is not a German (II)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I do not want more of the various functions of the Archangel Michael, as they were assigned to it by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, kidney expediency here.

At least most of them have with the German national character, it wofern one is seen from the outside at least, it is permitted to see one from the inside at least one negative to do little to nothing.

Just look at trying out phrases to the vernacular.

"I'm not the Michel!"

"Want me to make your Michel?"

"Find yourself another that makes you the Michel!"

The Michel is therefore a good-natured Depp, one which can be exploited exorbitantly, a relish getriezter servant or slave.

Dozy, always a little confused, helpless, stupid.

Nationals even incapable of thought.

Well: Be this image sunk until today.

It is also not altogether inaccurate. Aspects are permitted.

But since only show the negative aspects.

Not only the spirit of invention is lacking, and the desire for freedom, the creative joy, the philosophy, the courage and bravery. The fracturing, the weigher as the adventuring. And more.

Therefore, I will break even this.

I do not know exactly how, along which name.

Perhaps there are three names, or else it is none, rather than Michel.

Who wants to continue Micheln that will do that.

For me it has ausgemichelt itself.

Anyway, for a long time now but again very different.


Of course I know that so does not break a picture overnight.

Anyway, usually: if not done quite extraordinary.

Somewhere out there is but one, perhaps even some who understand what I posit why I accreting it.

And if not first, so I'll just continue alone.

Moment: Jochen seems to have understood me already in the first article, at least to a considerable extent.