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Defend Israel Germany?

Tuesday 02 July 2013

Now it is hearty.

Besir Atalay, the deputy chairman of Erdogan to the Jewish diaspora have made responsible for the organization of turmoil in Turkey.

That is cheeky, and that no matter how far Jewish forces may have acted contrary to Erdogan; something not say.

Well, we still at once, Jewish forces had actually drifting behind the demonstrations, the assumptions at times almost the character of a popular uprising, knitted, then only ask once, to which Behufe the such, they wofern because this would be able, have want to instigate.

Want obese Jewish forces maybe not (longer) the overthrow of Assad in Syria? Is Erdogan but just a bit too pro-Hamas, and I mean really? You fear for the EU-Turkey Project? Is a bit too much but because Islam?

Why launched a such accusations, if they are not entitled? Is the only blown fuse, or is the a bit stupid, or he thinks something there, and if so, what?

If that's all, should only be a staging including such remarks indicate it is both a high-level, on the other hand but also a highly risky. For this kind words remain slightly in the People's souls stuck and like unwanted own dynamics set in motion. You have to know. And usually we know that too. (more ...)

Why it should be no more Israel in ten years?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Turkey are circulating - openly expressed by President Erdogan - a lot of conspiracy theories to the effect that the recent riots were incited by foreign powers. (Even against Lufthansa and thus Germany, because of a planned new airport competing.)

To independent and strong Turkey has become, you leave yourself in any direction the muzzle connect, what does not fit all possible Altmächten in the stuff. (UN, NATO, EU, USA, England, Israel ...)

Well, quite possible that you could have helped along from the outside in case something Turkey.

It lacks, no matter whether this is not the case or, but not without a certain irony when the forces to Erdogan interference in the internal affairs of Turkey complain, as they do not incite Demons aunts itself, but en masse smuggle terrorists into neighboring Syria, train, arm, offering them even retreats.

Whether we probably why, in the Sultan offended styles, demonstrators called terrorists? (more ...)