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Circumcision of boys: Breeding a sick, steerable warrior caste

Thursday 06 February 2014

"Otherwise, the baby roar because of lack of or no anesthesia performed mutilation not worth mentioning to the fact that the thus maimed for life are deprived of a part of your sexuality and punished with partial insensibility."

The just wrote earlier the laudable loyal reader and commentator "Anonymous" to the circumcision of boys, in the pre-Range commenting.


He mentioned the topic of censorship.

This is because, of course, of course.

We're not even to get to that we say to all mankind the truth about such a big part of themselves!

Not an idiot would think not from something. Odder? (more ...)

From the Christian Urlüge

Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the commentary Strange to " Osho ": Still a bad teacher (II) reader Lisa brought following, inter alia:

"I do not think it appropriate to a person because of his" disciples to judge. " If you want to judge him at all, only because of what he himself has said and done. "

The purpose important part of my answer:

"In fact, it is not appropriate to a person based on his" to assess disciples ". But you can be evidence of what he exudes. (You can, of course, as the medieval clergy not blame Jesus Although, you look out in more detail .... Another time for more.) "

Yes, we take the illustrious example of Jesus. (Jesus takes forever.)

Do we trust the tradition, Jesus wanted to renew the old covenant with Yahweh. With a vengeful, jealous, cruel reason God, whom he called his father.

What we need it any wonder that those who followed him, an incendiary church built?

If this part of the tradition, Jesus himself has sown the seeds of death. And so he has to be assessed in fact due to the fact that Lisa is right, what he has done and said.

Jesus may have not known about the ramifications that will have his actions and speeches. But he wanted to make a new covenant with the old monster. Anyway, according to tradition. No wonder, therefore, only logical that the Catholic Church incendiaries followed it. (more ...)