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A war that must not be exposed

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

According to Jung, the Bundeswehr is currently Verteidigungsminster with tanks, mortars and Allied air support in Kunduz on the offensive, because in August next Democratic presidential elections in Afghanistan are secure.

Only these elections are taken already run basically. The majority of the vote has been sold or bought. But that does the German defense minister who wants to speak still under any circumstances, by a war, only to "stabilization measures," of course not.

I also read some months ago, it was very strange that the Afghan election had been scheduled just for the month of August. For just this month stood the Taliban by far the most fighters available, since the radical Islamic madrassas (Islamic schools) in Pakistan had at that time summer vacation and their students therefore time, instead of spreading the Koran muttering with a Kalashnikov.

Truly a rogue who thinks evil of it. (more ...)

Wheel from?

Friday, June 26, 2009

(The measures announced in the previous article FAZ stories I have tentatively postponed because with respect to a relevant matter initially unfamiliar text use legal issues need to be resolved.)

Since I do not feel like me upset about the fact that the ECB has just lent EUR 442 billion at an interest rate of 1% to European banks, ie below the value of the inflation rate in order that they might at least some of the money back to the so-called real economy may lend to 6-8%, so with each invoice by 300-400% profit, while Citigroup, favors recipients from the coffers of the American taxpayer in the amount of officially $ 45 billion, the fixed remuneration of their people with that same money up to will increase 50% and Goldman Sachs, who miraculously Hans in Luck of the financial crisis, plans to distribute record bonuses while there is not even 25 million euro loan for the source, etc. etc ... I get upset over something rather different.

Namely at the audacity of the already mentioned the Commissioner Robbe (SPD), who stirs in in the Bild newspaper showed above that of the economy, the trade unions and churches (!) Will applied so little public support for the campaign in Afghanistan. (more ...)