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Stupid question?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Only to wish someone success that not supported?

Away from the philosophical question: I will not choose the Steinmeier, but he is to me still better than the Merkel.

Merkel Risks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The STAR-journalist Hans-Ulrich Jörges said this week, Merkel would actually prefer to continue to govern with the SPD as the FDP, for they knew well that it would be easier to distribute the necessary atrocities to the people.

I think the man is right.

However, the physicist could have charged it, and they got to be with this präponderanten, scraped Westerwelle drive because it has so often said, she was willing and the rich voices; otherwise it can just Steinmeier also provide, no matter how.

It's actually a little more fun to look at the circus; I look forward to the ring on Sunday between six and seven clock.

Steinmeier's Magic Bus

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steinmeier has moved.

Still a few days ago he had described it as counterproductive to give a specific date for withdrawal for Afghanistan, even that of former Chancellor Schröder brought into play date of 2015 was in the SPD as too ambitious - that at least five more years of war than too little.

Now Steinmeier calls itself 2013 as the target. This is somewhat surprising, because until now it was always assumed at least 10 years dying with the Hindu Kush; but again it is not so surprising, since in two weeks, federal election, and then the matter can simply make again more difficult than one would have thought of before, so everything normal.

However, Steinmeier is no political novice: He knows most likely very well that can develop a debate with momentum here, he has opened a hogshead, (more ...)

Fight the war liars

Monday, September 07, 2009

Trittin, the long beanpole of the Greens want the Afghanistan war "concrete benchmarks" (German he speaks rather not) with respect to the trigger, but of course, as well Steinmeier, who calls for a concrete roadmap, please without an appointment, which the latter so begündet so have only played into the hands of the Taliban.

They want it so absolutely concretely, at the same time but please do not concretely. (more ...)

Merkel hides and laughs lafo

Monday, August 31, 2009

Now Merkel seems to make the first serious error. At yesterday's election night, the last real litmus test before the election, is La Grande Dame did not look easy, as they have nothing to do with the disastrous results of their CDU in Saarland and Thuringia.

The military is called such behavior cowardice before the enemy; (more ...)

Go Steini, go!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now Steinmeier has promised the withdrawal from Afghanistan, when he should be Chancellor for.

A clear perspective on life and the end of the insert must forth. To give a specific date for the deduction, but he keeps "irresponsible" for.

So the zage chief diplomat do not actually have a clear perspective, but please. After all, he offers his most ten years already the Secretary of Defense, has again demonstrated its superior intelligence and leadership skills just once thus proving that he prematurely declared Karzai the victor.

Who has less?

All soldiers in Germany at home with their families under the Christmas tree, I offer as an extra vulgar Notkanzler. Yes we can: Go home!

Meanwhile, Westerwelle makes ridiculous in its own special way: you defend Germany there "against terrorists who are already therefore to the leather want, because with us men and women are equal".

Really? Is the common Afghan farmer through our dissolute life so outraged that he, as soon as it no longer prevents the Bundeswehr, his only donkey saddles (more ...)

Wheel from?

Friday, June 26, 2009

(The measures announced in the previous article FAZ stories I have provisionally postponed, because with respect to a relevant matter initially unfamiliar text use legal questions must be answered.)

Because I just do not feel like me excited about the fact that the ECB has just borrowed 442 billion euros at an interest rate of 1% to European banks, ie below the value of the inflation rate in order that they might at least some of the money back to the so-called real economy may lend up to 6-8%, so each invoice by 300-400% profit, while Citigroup, favors recipients from the coffers of the American taxpayer in the amount of $ 45 billion officially, the fixed remuneration of their people with that same money in order to will increase 50% and Goldman Sachs, who miraculously Hans in Luck of the financial crisis, plans to distribute record bonuses, while there is not even 25 million Euro loan for the source, etc., etc ... I encourage me rather more than anything else.

Namely at the audacity of the aforementioned Parliamentary Commissioner Robbe (SPD), who stirs up in in the Bild newspaper showed above that of the economy, trade unions and churches (!) Will applied so little public support for the campaign in Afghanistan. (more ...)

Lord Godbama (II)

Friday, June 19, 2009

German readers I will explain briefly what it with the item previously set is all about.

On June 5 of this year declared a certain Evan Thomas, a Harvard graduate, Professor of Journalism at Princeton University, co-editor of the American magazine "Newsweek" since 1991, in the very popular television show "Hardball" on the channel MSNBC: " In a way, Obama is standing above the country, above -. above the world, a sort of god "(In a way Obama is above the country, above - above the world, a sort of God.")

The strange media professional says now hastily, he did not "literally" so literally meant, because the opponents of the Obama cult attended this in the United States as a godsend. (more ...)

Peace Chancellor

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just saw an election infomercial and was pretty sure that they could only be of the SPD, but not quite.

And lo and behold, she was of the CDU, which only lit up but, as you were the Chancellor angesichtig.

The whole spot is quite formidable made on social and justice and to the left, with a touch of europaseligem patriotism which expresses itself through an ever-looming federal flag with a "WE" on it.

A concrete message, except that Europe was great (I also think like me except my home, the North Sea islands just as well as the Italian Riviera, when I get there there times) was not otherwise be heard.

But I would also not expect otherwise in a war party against the other factions like the SPD, the Greens and the FDP is afraid and wants to incapacitate us by the Lisbon Treaty nor on. (more ...)

Google's foray

Tuesday 05 May 2009

Steinmeier calls on Obama and asks him if he would give him the rights to use the spell "Yes we can!" For his campaign.

"Oh dear Frank, that's bad luck, so to speak, the slogan will soon belong to Google."

"I beg your pardon?"

"The smart people of Google have found in an old book, did no longer be sold. Soon all slogans belong to Google. You see, Frank how clever is America.

We tortures not only better than the other Nations and more elegant, We Steal better also. We simply say sorry and keep it. "

Steinmeier places, although he has the first part of the final statement kenntisreicherweise well understood, annoyed, and must, after he was researching his Secretary of State, whether the Obama because now I take a dip in the bowl, find that only had an information advantage and Google really the verge of the rights to the intellectual heritage of humanity exclusively to usurp.

But suddenly he rubs his hands yet.

He plans to the Chancellor, who, he says, of U.S. brutality less understood than he to say not a word, and then they will run into the words knife in September mercilessly.


Saturday 02 May 2009

I've just a YouTube video with the highly esteemed by me Paul Craig Roberts seen, in which he not assessed within the first 100 days of the Obama administration just low.

Among other things, he says that our Saviour Obama started by the captaincy of regular air strikes on targets in Pakistan a third undeclared war, have at least extended and that the new President differs from the old international and national in non-compliance with law to barely a Gran . (read more ...)