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Save pharmaceutical industry! (II)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We must also reform those stupid religions. It must be clear that going to hell, who does not go to the doctor every two weeks at least.

Since, where is believed in reincarnation, must be made clear that in the next life at most a cockroach with congenital multiple Hüftschaden and chronic bronchitis is, who does not adhere to this rule.

Leek plants are generally prohibited. In the light bulbs finally went. Finally mercury in the lamps. Exemplary.

It is also essential that is already taught in elementary school, parents who send in stomach ache or diarrhea their children to the doctor immediately, immediately report to the authorities.

In addition, the total Grippeimpfzwang must be found. And: No more inoculant without thimerosal and squalene.

Speaking of children: Every child has ADHD. Or have you ever seen a good child all the time?

It also includes last more polonium in tobacco products. Why do people smoke it?

Important at all reasonable measures but is that life expectancy is not too much decreases. Any chronic disease should last a long time. The sustainability principle must apply Alleweil.

Benzoic acid is in all foods. Also good emulsifiers. And benzodiazepines.

Glass bottles are prohibited. Uneconomical. Plasticizers include in PET bottles.

Who - for example - his child against stomach ache makes a fennel tea, heard over the unauthorized practice of a medical profession in court, deprived of the custody logical.

Health insurance must finally fulfill their duty. There must be no more contribution Discounts for Healthy. Again: Why do we have the EU?

The word "healthy" is to make the non-word. It must be made clear to everyone that this is just a pointless semantic construct.

Who does not go to the doctor when he sprained his ankle or a headache, is a potential suicide. What else. Closed So.

Even the word "malaise" belongs repaid. No one is just so merely uncomfortable.

Those who still dares to feel just uncomfortable, which is to medicate as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Anyway, everyone has to be considered as a paranoid conspiracy theorist who does not change his diet to microwave ready. Microwave eventually kills germs. Who does not know, accept, and the help is only in the closed.

Oh yes.

The necessary Angänge are many.

But still lack the right commitment.

Even some doctors do not take their pills.

The are all equal in the closed.

And it was only the Exempels sake.

Bill Gates: the beggar to Hirnverstrahlung and poison for all children

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poor Bill Gates wants to save the poor little children by missed them all cell phones and vaccines.

For this, he has even become a beggar .

"I am a beggar now," says one of the richest men on the planet and keeps the joke probably still for success.

Every child should first register and then get strapped a mobile phone to his cheek day and night, so that not only his brain irradiated neat, but it can be vegiftet also time with mercury (thimerosal) and squalene, even before his stomach has learned to Monsanto -Genmüll to digest large enough, sufficiently death dust from uranium munitions breathe his lungs and his liver is poisoned with Corexit.

A pretty clued up plan for a beggar. (more ...)

Swine Flu for die-hards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now comes a guaranteed terribly boring subject.

Be any gray back still remembers the swine flu?

Was not the story, Al Gore sheep media moderately faded against itself in polar bear cub cuddling on the melting floe?

At that time, before the Varus battle? (more ...)

2009: The Year of the unmasking

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was in many ways a good year.

Let's start with our world savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

One has him by did nothing against the Israeli land grab in the West Bank, whose slaughter in Gaza as always supported with money and weapons, while the camouflaged as anti-terrorism operation in Afghanistan war that actually as a Brzezinkisches module for third world war against China and Russia serves, violently expanded, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the first played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the swine flu.

Once in the spring throughout Mexico City this seemed miserable to die, died at the end of the gigantic erupted vaccination campaign in my beloved fatherland is that only modest 5000000 with any Genmüll, squalene and thimerosal could poison and most of the rest of the Impfschweineeimer now as hazardous waste lying around and at best can still be wegverspendet as an official sour beer.

This was the second played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the air junk.

After becoming more frequent and increasingly massive doubts about the man-made global warming through CO2 were already been raised during the year, Climategate and arrived just in time before the Delirantengipfel in Copenhagen that its failure could only cause more pleasure.

This was the third out played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the banks.

After all Zockergesockse could only survive because the taxpayer is saved, it immediately became extra-bold again and granted new record bonuses, quite boldly.

This was the fourth being played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

There were also a few "small aces" in the above sense: The bombing in Kunduz, the submissions of Bishop Käßmann on family policy, the tragedy of Robert Enke, the solidarity of the Federal Government with Israel, given the Gaza slaughter, are also included.

The whole Mache crumbling in every nook and cranny; while we should tolerate in this country every Muslim nonsense, we are the same the other way in their native war-oriented combat: Just seeing the vast majority of people this aptly stated exactly as fundamentally wrong as disastrous.

The warmongers policy, the people can not convince them, although almost all politicians and all sheep media did everything for it.


So we can be optimistic about the New Year: More and more people believe less and less of the propaganda against their interests, and ultimately she is directly addressed in reality.

Bottom line, the term only good consequences.

All readers a Happy New Year and an exciting, joyful, insightful, eternally reminding, Happy New Year!

Pandem ... Hicks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I survived the swine flu, and my sons are doing well just because they have today bought from their pocket money eagerly Mickey Mouse comic books and Yu-Gi-Oh cards without breaking the go.

How do I know this? - A teacher of my Great (soon eleven) summoned my son yesterday whether his cough determined that he had swine flu (I had runny nose, Katarrhartiges and sometimes ears pulling from last Monday, on Thursday / Friday, there were inconsistent symptoms in children).

Since the Bavarian schoolmaster has been diagnosed us and we are all Dreie already well on the way to the final recovery, I see a fortiori no reason, perhaps even to infect a poor country doctor or his more or less pretty receptionists in the way of consultation and so irresponsibly together with their families also direktemang more potential patients negligence or even maliciously strike down smirking at her end.

I have my sons explained that we were perhaps the only ones who have survived this usually fatal disease due to our Neanderthal genes; but that they probably would not be keen to not give at least a few playmates same chance.

That made sense to them; we therefore enjoy the perfect swine flu family peace.

Pandemrix, the WHO and squalene I told them but nothing, for therefore they are still too small.

National emergency because of weak flu

Sunday, October 25, 2009

President Obama has declared a national state of emergency yesterday because of the swine flu.

Now forced vaccinations, and other Masseninternierungen, yet further measures by the authorities are possible: the American Constitution is de facto suspended.

The less the virus turns out to be really dangerous and the less people show vaccinations, and is known the more about the dangers of vaccines to the more violent the government propaganda.

But this is not merely propaganda.

The matter is now addressed as a rule of war.


PS: squalene (not approved in the USA) has now been frequently mentioned as an active amplifier in Pandemrix (GSK); about his specific hazard and the connection with the Gulf War Syndrome to my knowledge appeared in the media sheep but still nothing. The mercury compound thimerosal as a preservative, however, there came increasingly virulent to talk.

Taboo word squalene

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

After all: The concept of thiomersal (Thimoseral) is now significant at last fallen as the mercury-containing preservative of GSK-popular preparation against the Pandemrix swine flu; also that earlier aluminum hydroxide was used as an active amplifier, I could now read.

Only the taboo word squalene for the new miracle amplifier I did not hear still. (more ...)

Pigs band II

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've just once looked through today's online editions of Spiegel, Stern and Focus on the swine flu out: (. Eng Squalene) Constant is immune boosters, additives, adjuvants in mass vaccine the speech of violent protests by the medical profession, but the words squalene and Thiomersal (eng. Thimoseral) are still not fallen.

Only the mirror is now so gracious information, after all, to speak of a mercury-containing Konservieruungsstoff.

It is now also found that except the government and the Bundeswehr, the employees of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut highest self, that is the point, the (GlaxoSmithKline) for the common Stupid people allowed the adjuvanted mass vaccine would rather want to be vaccinated with the unadjuvantierten Baxter.

These men and women should also know what the human body is better dispensed yes.

I'm curious how long the names of the two substances can be practically kept secret even from the public.

Pigs gang

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fortunately, the adjuvants or active amplifier in the swine flu vaccine are more and more in the discussion, especially since not only have ordered the pure vaccine for the Bundeswehr but also our politicians, which can be naturally just sooo happened accidentally.

Nevertheless, I have never and nowhere the word "squalene" heard in the media sheep in this context (whether print, radio or TV), not even critics say the taboo word out.

Very strange; or maybe not: (more ...)

Soldiers without squalene (squalene)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Bundeswehr has ordered another vaccine against swine flu, as was ordered for the rest of the population in Germany.

It was already known for a while. But now has come out, how this differs from the standard preparation: no adjuvants, ie additives.

So no squalene as action enhancer doing. But there is also talk that not even preservatives were accepted. They would be, in particular the mercury compound thimerosal (more ...)

Weltholz eyes Organization

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In view of the swine flu, which could now be in a boy, who died of severe pneumonia, demonstrated, however, had probably nothing or little to do with his death something, as in a woman with severe sepsis and various other diseases, I must already say that my respect for the WHO pandemic has further increased immeasurably.

Our disease ministry we could actually also equal to a stock company owned by Novartis, Glaxo and Co. convert (more ...)

Flu Mist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is the swine flu went back into the swine?

I do not hear nothing more that we should drop soon, as would massively harvested suckling pig for Large barbecue.

Embarrassing thing.

Now the Panikologen by WHO can only hope daruf that at least the vaccines are favorable to cull a few unfeiste piglets, supporting weak females and sirloin lame boars.

Flu highly secure

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the swine flu story and strange vaccines interested I will except those already given instructions to those add on Fort Detrick, a medical research facility of the U.S. Army, as a research starting point, if not -angelpunkt.

Am I dreaming #?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now there are dog kidney, monkey kidney, and otherwise are the Birds' eggs turn.

Within a few weeks, the vaccine industry catapulted hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine with new add cocktails into the bloodstream of the people, determined as clean as virtually untested.

Or let's say if the few thousand Quick persons tested not immediately fall like flies, the Gelumps will be tried at all.

Or even after admixing.

The more people over time are only sick and slowly die, the more worthwhile the thing: You deserve again ten to thirty times in the follow-up as to the vaccination itself.

Am I dreaming, or awake I?


Friday, August 14, 2009

Today I read that they had now swine flu vaccine for 80% of the German population ordered for each subject two doses.

Without that, measured against a normal flu epidemic almost even died a sow, a vaccination program is brought upon mankind, as if the plague at the door and they already saw.

The various countries have huge amounts of different vaccines (basic vaccine three or four) ordered in different doses with different adjuvants, and soon begins the lottery, which preparation helps if the weak flu but should still be a strong, and what side effects which preparation the his fiercest be.

The potential poisoning people in Germany alone is expected to cost 1.5-2 billion euros, if the budget is right. (more ...)

Brain flu

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It seems that the products marketed by GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine squalene emulsions are blended as an additive (ASO3) as well as get those from Novartis (MF 59).

This turbo-adjuvant the immune response per dose real vaccine is to be increased to about ten times. Thus, the constraints need to be closed.

The additives which are not yet listed in the United States should, through the lever 'pandemic - scarce vaccine - see times Europe' there can compete to conquer. (more ...)

Squalene III

Friday, 07 August 2009

I read today in the newspaper under the headline "Dead in the autumn" (quotes by me) for swine flu vaccination Hogfather that certain additives could twelvefold the effectiveness of a Impfbrutdosis, it is set to satisfy the huge demand for vaccines.

These additives should be added to the virtually untested bird-pig-human virus blended in such a way then so that your immune system is at least seen in purely mathematical eleven times irritated as violently as through a violent new cocktail that will help against the most dangerous disease in the world.

Oh dear, says to himself as a layman, what is that? But if you own the incriminating mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde hernimmt, as ingredients, if an immune system under secondary and therefore total stress is to be placed on the idea already taking shape.

Squalene, the alleged Turbo means, then made probably only as the crowning achievement of the underlying idea.

Squalene II: pangs of S-class?

Friday, 07 August 2009

On the matter of the additives or excipients or "adjuvants" that vaccines are added ever since, as a perhaps equally, perhaps more dangerous part of a vaccine, I was only recently really attentive, as I under this Massenimpfwahns the net looked around.

Since whirr then that in no time not only cocktail vaccines with purely mixed viruses chunks, the whole on monkey kidney originally scheduled, often superinfected masse and often contaminated contrary, no, as if Frankenstein Hausen not enough on its own would have convinced you learn at once something of the additives ... And where you would only want the most harmless suspect enter a mercury, aluminum, Formaldhyd and various other highly dangerous to -fragwüdige "adjuvants" from Dr.Mabuses workshop contrary, to that ominous (more ...)

Squalene (aphorisms XXV)

Friday, 07 August 2009

Today, well vaccinated?