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Of the horned up impotent

Sunday, November 10, 2013

When economists and various other ruinous professional groups (doctors, lawyers, etc.), there is the IAG: in America have been.

Under common Feldwaldundwiesenesoterikern (yes, the first letter is not G), there is the IIG and the ICG: in India the guru or the Kloster been.

The economists learn nothing of it, except to ruin economies, the Esos learn nothing as yet to judge others based psyches. The vast majority of both in any case.

What one his Harvard and his Prof that the other his monastery and his guru.

After all, you learn in a decent Shaolin Monastery probably still decent Kung-Fu. So something useful. 10 years rice and vegetables and Bodenschrubben and humble themselves, then you can at least that, provided one is talented and trained hard.

Linguistics is taught but neither here nor there. So what would be needed, they wanted more, as people get robbed or some idiots to polish the face.

The one young man only learns the Abschakalen, the other a little self-control. The complements as in a mirror.

A German man right not need both.

The fact is read, think, sometimes go to the inn, develop his own thoughts.

Nietzsche took a monastery?

Everything under the strokes, frippery.

It's already unfortunate when a woman enters the monastery; a man does this, he is no more.

"Spiritual Development": Who came because in the last hundred years, then left voluntarily, from a monastery out, penetrate stayed longer, and had only one, quarter Michael Kohlhaas it? One?

I've had enough with the esoteric Gesülch. And I, alas, do not just study a little magic, but mostly with cool "Bemühn".

People who have been afraid of the woman at the base, THE Groundbreaking should know about life?

Lach's Representative Käsper are.

So, now even a sip of the Red. May I, because I'm not in a monastery still in the asylum.

Discipline you have to give yourself. Anyway, as a spirit. Everything else is a lie.

One can namely to make it more clear to the dullest, no force to the spirit.

These vulnerabilities Mate institutions spread exactly, that you not only can, no, that is not good enough, even yet, that you are forced MUST, otherwise it does not flap with the spirit.

Where mind is because developed, where the world helped if one can say with complete justification, that he may unerwischt 20 million people betriegen to their savings or twenty measly bandits, completely resting in itself, when it must Buddha himself, in short times the face polish?

Faith is just as mountains go where there are none. You guess by whom this saying comes from. From me it is not anyway. As much as a hint.

As MANN all his energy on a single minde - to focus shit to be in master - with all due respect. This is pathetic.

And shortly to Kung Fu: Bruce Lee was to my knowledge never längers in a monastery, and he has all but wiped away. So much for your Bitchers.


Does not a man.

I say it again and again and again.

From Scherbenzertreter

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yesterday I had to take harsh criticism.

For over a year I would go too much with the cleaver around, very often three hitting on poor religions, allzumal my aphorisms to be partly underground.

Hardly once I wrote Beautiful, edifying, Hinanführendes. And if it vorkomme once, let the cynicism and sarcasm in the all around it under, so that it barely perceive. I would occur only shards, which there is already enough, even smaller, alswelches a vain, useless, especially as inexpensive art.

My objection to the effect that I mean to make a necessary work to do, because I did not see that it would so adequately done elsewhere, helped little. Even small shards Treads give it Genung.

Now I feel honored least to the effect (you have to make the best out of everything), that the hauptbehuflichen Scherbenzertreter but apparently trusted to be able to something else. Otherwise I would have probably not asked to do it.

In fact, however, the criticism contains truth; on religious and esoteric fuss I have been so often, so hard, redundant (I confess myself in the pedagogy quite shamelessly to the principle of repetition, although here also must exercise a measure), hergemacht that I will take care reduces this area. (I had prior to the sharp criticism even have the feeling that there are now so once long. Insofar wore my critics, as he likes to call it, legs of lamb to mutton castle.)

It is also clear that, at least if one proceeds as me, these things constantly Picking up personal feelings hurt; for each like to do that in a text or another set this effect; and if not in that text, so in another. So, that almost only this particular sentence or a partial execution is perceived, the rest around it hardly. Man turns away. (more ...)

From the Metzen (Queen)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

In one of the Holy Books that was given to humanity, Grimm's dictionary of the German language, it is, under the entries "massacre", after several derivations that there read under 5): masons, converted in unehrbare meaning, the pfaff köchin, pimp a pfaffen

Then the poor, brave, honorable originally Mechthild, whose nickname, even to pimp the Landsknechts, later, in more recent use of language, in general, a whore.

And what happened to just the whore, the first, penetrated as little maid into German from Latin ago, afterwards, an "innocent" girl, a virgin was!

Language can be really mean. (more ...)

Stupid Schießprügler

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The most beautiful, uplifting Enste on linguistics is perhaps that there is nothing in them unimportant.

If I however angucke me those Quantenquantler as herumquanteln, without even knowing what a quant is because, we are schiergar colleagues.

Emphasis on schiergar.

A sound is in fact a sound. Does everyone who can hear. (more ...)

Lived Linguistics

Monday, January 28, 2013

The first time woke me son at the dinner table.

What something hot in Latin with road or tram, I should have asked half awake.

A little later he shooed me again on the bed.

"Papa, I have a headache!"

"Yeah yeah. Let's continue to write me and bring me a beer! "- I've babbled.

After all.

Latin, writing and beer: I know instinctively längweis themselves what is important.

Of anglicisms and linguistic registers

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I just did what I rarely do wisely.

I recommended my big Filio, sometimes my last article to read for finger and Irisscannerei: who could be interested in him.

In no time at all - probably the bean stew sake - he was through.


"Well, go on."

"Why is that?"

"You've given yourself 'win-win' and 'easy going' and so used stuff, where you reject the but otherwise so violently."

"Yes, and intentionally. It all depends on when what really fits in the context. "

"Yeah, it's fine."

By abrauschte thus in the direction of its electric box to be weiterzugamen social development game, I called him even after: "Quod licet Jovi, non licet Bovi! Jupiter is not the ox "- He the door to. (more ...)

For Kalle and a

Wednesday 05 September 2012

As to me, "in my reply to reader Thomas hollow word God "at night especially it became clear again, the linguist must, of course, as anyone who wants to do his job properly, be negligent on any areas: the least but on that of the theory of meaning.

Phonetics, metrics, syntax, grammar, rhetorical figures, sonstnochwas, everything important, indispensable, the secrets of poetry, the stringent structure of the text, breaks, punctuation, appropriate metaphors, philosophemes, highlighting, whatever: is with the terminology and falls we do ,

It does not matter that hardly interested in our science.

For us three incumbent. (more ...)

Google is semantically

Friday, March 16, 2012

I have just heard - the theme will be here probably deepened, depending on what comes up and can still elicit - that Google now successively a "semantic search" will install in his machine.

I still do not know if I'll talk about soon be a billionaire, or obsolete. (more ...)

Obsieg of the word

Sunday 04 March 2012

The Linguistics experienced by the World Network an enjoyable, big way. The competition for terms where now everyone can participate, releases enormous forces. And just in German unfolds the primal power of word formation.

I think this absolutely seriously said, for one of the most beneficial effects along the drive belt of the network.

Whoever finds, is found. (more ...)

Network Linguistics

Friday 02 September 2011

The language applied science has with the world network, more precisely, the search engines and bots and whatnots in the same, a field found, of which the brothers Grimm probably not even dreamed that I, by the power long not very intensively observed me I grew up next to me even not at least introduced, until I seriously went to the practice, and saw what happened.

Who gets it right, can put words alone.

You do not have Coca Cola hot or CIA to.

It only takes a little Applied Linguistics. (more ...)

From the toolbox

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Demons are destroyed by naming their clients.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"Erselbstmorden" and "Verselbstmorden" are widely penetrated in the German language. Some have understood something.

Should I have once brought me even officially around the corner, so at least know my Restich that I was not guaranteed it.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Linguistics is the first of all: hookers as chiefs know that.