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Swine Flu Invasion

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally, the swine flu is here.

My son (11) rolls around behind me totally verfiebert on the bed, glows, crows, when he's not eating bananas (who still hungry, which is usually still jumps the devil and the Pig of the shovel) "TNT", breathes a little heavy and will probably be back tomorrow healthy.

I've been wondering if a vigorous bloodletting against the boiling blood is effective in that it already again tonight to beat up his little brother pithy able, this lack of exercise but then discarded; Leeches unfortunately we have not in the house; and if I give him hot whiskey with honey and it comes out, then I have the youth office at the neck. (more ...)

Idiots House

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We live in the house idiots.

A flu, known as swine flu, which was weaker than any "decent" normal flu, was systematically blown around our ears until that had just happened to nothing and the sheep media as the "responsible" politicians finally necessarily prefer their SCHANDMAUL to held.

Now it gets really serious, oil and Corexit without end, and the same whose "job" it almost seems only to be still, to complain of bearing loss, stupid bloggers to investigate as good as not as the real oil disaster is there.

What should I think of as a rabble?

Should I gently admonish finally decency to do their job again? (more ...)

Men poisoned, women at home at the end

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I know this is not a separate decent blog post in the conventional sense, and I did not even have the time to translate the following text, therefore, beg your pardon, only a passing today, because I myself have children with problems and Ichweißnichtwas, but fortunately not:


Read it anyway maybe, just right, if you know English and have the nerves for it.

The swine flu was a fictional Humbug, this oil spill is real.


Monday, July 12, 2010

I knew it from the beginning: The swine flu can be further enhanced.

Or what you believe, which is why the best German player of the World Cup Sebbi Schweinsteiger name?

The man was so full of zerballackten flu virus fragments as a football aphrodisiac, as a legal porkines Bioaufputschmittel that he was obviously just stop by the Great Iberians, because that could even use but superior Spanish flu as a decisive advantage.

Actually a bit unfair.

But what a truly chivalrous German Schweinsteiger is not complaining, but fights, and if he still loses, he hopes for the next pandemic.

For 2014, already the Brazilian Football flu are developed in the laboratories of Boehringer, because it is from Rio to Bahia firmly convinced that the Dutch title Subscribers only because of the recent successful launch of dike goat flu from the tournament to throw were put in the situation.

The Englishman, abgemeiert roughly from Schweinsteiger, meanwhile, already set for the European Championship on the Gulf Stream flu, (more ...)

Trowel in the basement

Monday, June 28, 2010

I discovered in my fridge überwintertes a swine flu virus that looked as if it could still infect a geezer dangerous to such a degree that it would have to be conducted on the day to the toilet once more.

There was good advice, of course, initially expensive, because the plague police in the house that I wanted because not. (more ...)

Aphorisms 123

Monday, May 17, 2010

If the pig does not get flu, man smells suspiciously at the Schnitzel.

Swine Flu for die-hards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now comes a guaranteed terribly boring subject.

Be any gray back still remembers the swine flu?

Was not the story, Al Gore sheep media moderately faded against itself in polar bear cub cuddling on the melting floe?

At that time, before the Varus battle? (more ...)

I have it!

Tuesday 09 February 2010

I have them. It is in me. Me alone it is due, that not millions of people have verröcheln miserably.

For days, my nose is running, as she plants a serious triathlon training. The swine flu has obviously realized that she has a chance only in the body and at the location of a semisubprekariaratären scribbler and his thereat only moderately heated study room to do their work.

As swine flu Christ, who has taken the virus cross for all of humanity to himself, I feel an almost global-warming religious horror; You can not imagine what kind of a feeling, about ten to thirty-three swine flu viruses, so the entire planetary inventory to destroy all alone himself.

Like as if I as a Tera-Leonidas modern times, (more ...)

Where is she?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Where is she? Who stole it? Was she kidnapped? Did she hiding? Does she have an invisibility cloak? Has Al Gore eats them, or was it Pachauri or Ed Miliband? Was she sold into slavery? Live it as a concubine in the harem of a Saudi prince? Is the world but hollow and they fled into the earth? Emigrated to the Aldebaran? In the Takla Makan? To the bottom of Lake Baikal? (more ...)

2009: The Year of the unmasking

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was in many ways a good year.

Let's start with our world savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

One has him by did nothing against the Israeli land grab in the West Bank, whose slaughter in Gaza as always supported with money and weapons, while the camouflaged as anti-terrorism operation in Afghanistan war that actually as a Brzezinkisches module for third world war against China and Russia serves, violently expanded, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the first played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the swine flu.

Once in the spring throughout Mexico City this seemed miserable to die, died at the end of the gigantic erupted vaccination campaign in my beloved fatherland is that only modest 5000000 with any Genmüll, squalene and thimerosal could poison and most of the rest of the Impfschweineeimer now as hazardous waste lying around and at best can still be wegverspendet as an official sour beer.

This was the second played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the air junk.

After becoming more frequent and increasingly massive doubts about the man-made global warming through CO2 were already been raised during the year, Climategate and arrived just in time before the Delirantengipfel in Copenhagen that its failure could only cause more pleasure.

This was the third out played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the banks.

After all Zockergesockse could only survive because the taxpayer is saved, it immediately became extra-bold again and granted new record bonuses, quite boldly.

This was the fourth being played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

There were also a few "small aces" in the above sense: The bombing in Kunduz, the submissions of Bishop Käßmann on family policy, the tragedy of Robert Enke, the solidarity of the Federal Government with Israel, given the Gaza slaughter, are also included.

The whole Mache crumbling in every nook and cranny; while we should tolerate in this country every Muslim nonsense, we are the same the other way in their native war-oriented combat: Just seeing the vast majority of people this aptly stated exactly as fundamentally wrong as disastrous.

The warmongers policy, the people can not convince them, although almost all politicians and all sheep media did everything for it.


So we can be optimistic about the New Year: More and more people believe less and less of the propaganda against their interests, and ultimately she is directly addressed in reality.

Bottom line, the term only good consequences.

All readers a Happy New Year and an exciting, joyful, insightful, eternally reminding, Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Federal Health Minister cited the swine flu virus at year-end crisis call to Berlin and wants damages: "Because of you, I sit on million doses! You have simply not delivered! This is sheer breach of contract! "

Then the virus easily excited: "I did my best! I know exactly that I in Germany in recent months, at least three million people have been infected successfully alone! Only, your German is indeed stupid people just do not go to the doctor! "

Then Rösler, already with reddish spots on the face: "What were the great for infections, please? All Pillepalle, you loser! Hardly Dead! Only people who would croak soon anyway! This is now my flu, do you understand me, you bastard buck! " (more ...)

Climategate (Climategate): pig flu Air

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

For days, the whole of humanity dies of swine flu, and I hear nothing more of it, because all competent journalists are either dead or gone to Copenhagen Climate Conference killer or both.

If this continues, then we notice something neither the fact that we all die, nor even that the world goes down.

Hopefully we still says at least someone that we urgently against all these dangers ought to be vaccinated.

Pandem ... Hicks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I survived the swine flu, and my sons are doing well just because they have today bought from their pocket money eagerly Mickey Mouse comic books and Yu-Gi-Oh cards without breaking the go.

How do I know this? - A teacher of my Great (soon eleven) summoned my son yesterday whether his cough determined that he had swine flu (I had runny nose, Katarrhartiges and sometimes ears pulling from last Monday, on Thursday / Friday, there were inconsistent symptoms in children).

Since the Bavarian schoolmaster has been diagnosed us and we are all Dreie already well on the way to the final recovery, I see a fortiori no reason, perhaps even to infect a poor country doctor or his more or less pretty receptionists in the way of consultation and so irresponsibly together with their families also direktemang more potential patients negligence or even maliciously strike down smirking at her end.

I have my sons explained that we were perhaps the only ones who have survived this usually fatal disease due to our Neanderthal genes; but that they probably would not be keen to not give at least a few playmates same chance.

That made sense to them; we therefore enjoy the perfect swine flu family peace.

Pandemrix, the WHO and squalene I told them but nothing, for therefore they are still too small.

Immunized literary

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Against swine flu I know the final vaccine: just read Kafka.

Soldiers without squalene (squalene)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Bundeswehr has ordered another vaccine against swine flu, as was ordered for the rest of the population in Germany.

It was already known for a while. But now has come out, how this differs from the standard preparation: no adjuvants, ie additives.

So no squalene as action enhancer doing. But there is also talk that not even preservatives were accepted. They would be, in particular the mercury compound thimerosal (more ...)

Weltholz eyes Organization

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In view of the swine flu, which could now be in a boy, who died of severe pneumonia, demonstrated, however, had probably nothing or little to do with his death something, as in a woman with severe sepsis and various other diseases, I must already say that my respect for the WHO pandemic has further increased immeasurably.

Our disease ministry we could actually also equal to a stock company owned by Novartis, Glaxo and Co. convert (more ...)

Flu Mist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is the swine flu went back into the swine?

I do not hear nothing more that we should drop soon, as would massively harvested suckling pig for Large barbecue.

Embarrassing thing.

Now the Panikologen by WHO can only hope daruf that at least the vaccines are favorable to cull a few unfeiste piglets, supporting weak females and sirloin lame boars.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eureka! Hardly say what, what you already think.

In the skeptical corners of the world network, where do I even hang around earnestly whether my chronicler duty, is seen not only an economic campaign of pharmaceutical companies from some in the course of the vaccination campaign against swine flu, but a mass people poisoning to reduce mankind. (more ...)

Flu highly secure

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the swine flu story and strange vaccines interested I will except those already given instructions to those add on Fort Detrick, a medical research facility of the U.S. Army, as a research starting point, if not -angelpunkt.

Am I dreaming #?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now there are dog kidney, monkey kidney, and otherwise are the Birds' eggs turn.

Within a few weeks, the vaccine industry catapulted hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine with new add cocktails into the bloodstream of the people, determined as clean as virtually untested.

Or let's say if the few thousand Quick persons tested not immediately fall like flies, the Gelumps will be tried at all.

Or even after admixing.

The more people over time are only sick and slowly die, the more worthwhile the thing: You deserve again ten to thirty times in the follow-up as to the vaccination itself.

Am I dreaming, or awake I?


Friday, August 14, 2009

Today I read that they had now swine flu vaccine for 80% of the German population ordered for each subject two doses.

Without that, measured against a normal flu epidemic almost even died a sow, a vaccination program is brought upon mankind, as if the plague at the door and they already saw.

The various countries have huge amounts of different vaccines (basic vaccine three or four) ordered in different doses with different adjuvants, and soon begins the lottery, which preparation helps if the weak flu but should still be a strong, and what side effects which preparation the his fiercest be.

The potential poisoning people in Germany alone is expected to cost 1.5-2 billion euros, if the budget is right. (more ...)

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