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Figures of Thought: Where is the Stoa?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

If you hit with the Stoa goal better?

Is the Samurai, the Ninja does, in fact, a Stoic?

The mason, the blacksmith?

The woman giving birth in the birthing pain?

Are not all brave Stoics?

Can we ever live without Stoa?

Can a philosophy suck, who wants the man to take his passions?

How stoic is sleep itself?

Can be Stoics not only when one is thoroughly dead?

Is the perfect Stoic lebicht not already dead?

An Undead?

Keep the Stoic a glass of wine, but not two?

What should the Stoics at all?

But sometimes covet, enjoy sex?

Rejoice when he won in chess?

Is it possible to send one in a striking fraternity?

How slow smokes the Stoics? So slow that it not its virtue goes out?

I am myself a Stoic, because I see the Stoic doctrine so calm?

How loud should a Stoic laugh as unruly looking forward to? (more ...)

The Nachwuchse XVII

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now we come to the king ways.

I'm not saying that I know how necessary to follow it.

He is that one still even proceeds to turn into a source of inspiration and knowledge and groundbreaking art the whimsical worst.

Such developed many levels of power, which I will not describe in detail in this chapter.

The aim here is to understand this from the bottom of her. Why examples could easily just hurt.

The Royal is one of the creative transformation of the exterior on the interior to the exterior.

Of course, not all.

Much appearance must be coalesced inside until the royal appear visible even on the horizon.

The transformation of the exterior can not be brought about meditating.

Such claim the world is remote, the figs.

There is a need - and it was "only" the spiritual - that fact.

Otherwise it remains a sponge with a little detergent. (more ...)