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Terra as a madhouse

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have just read - which is irrelevant in the case - that Adidas has withdrawn a new designer Edel Sport Laces issue because of network shit storm because it stylized Plastikhochfußfesseln reminded African Americans of the slaveholding time and thereat led to angry protests, in which the company buckled after a short resistance.

It seems that the people from Syria during a second Libya should be made hinschmurgeln in Japan is still the reactors right, no real problems more except mightily offended because of some harmless things to feel the euro with us.

Each variety minority, even if it is no so such as women in Germany or Muslims in Pakistan, looking constantly for a Offended One reason (Cf.. Well my older post "offended" on zeitgeist Online).

I would find, as real again hard and direct concrete and far-reaching consequences of discriminated single father with sons, outside of what not offended me, but sometimes can stand powerless and stunned, immediately hundreds of reasons to me because of any general, silly ridicule, or whether even harder, certainly more targeted attacks on groups that I could feel that they belong (scavengers, German, thinkers ...) "offended" to feel.

"This Odinsdarstellung insulted me and all Germans!"

"These pants have a bib, almost like the traditional leather pants a Bavaria is supported by a comedian, and I have myself as Schwabe feel solidarity mitbeleidigt!"

"I have also worn as a child those leather pants!" (more ...)