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Failed miserably again in front of wife

Thursday 07 March 2013

But also cursed.

I am determined some time ago, must dig no matter how fine woman more often than two times: it from there, with disinterest, be good to have it.

Not a bad idea. Has some time very well. (more ...)

Sancho Faithful

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sancho Panza, the servant of Don Quixote is the most faithful of the faithful.

By the instructions of his master just not that exactly follows many a time, rather than be noble, shall be satisfied better, or at all the hardship to compensate also take a drink, he holds the world in balance.

He knows full well that his master is mad: but he just knows that his master is a very special gentleman whom he never eintauschte; he loves it simple; he finally understands even that his master on a way is crazy as perhaps no one probably none so soon after making it and so the world to his world before him.