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Save pharmaceutical industry! Dead tax and penalty tax for Healthy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost even more pity than with the poor banks that we have to save regularly in order to survive, I have with the pharmaceutical industry.

In Germany, for example, we completed the sale of antidepressants - as I read just - can not even whole to increase by half from 2007 to 2011. Nevertheless, not even two billion daily doses a year.

After all, when amphetamine - the kids drug - Methylphenidate one came in the last 15 years, probably from kilos to tons. A drop in the ocean, however.

Really disgraceful that you have the beer and the wine is not forbidden in this drab questionable situation.

Millions more went to the doctor, where they finally belong, this overdue measure would finally implemented. Why do we have an EU?

Some psychiatric hospitals, also are chronically understaffed, even the damn patient rights, especially against medication, were strengthened at least theoretically. This can make an already scared.

Even the Novartis share faltering now. It has risen in the last year degrees times from 46 to 58 euros! Who sac but also should be able to live on it?

Will people not finally rapidly sicker, so it might make smaller manufacturers soon deathblow straight.

After all, a small ray of hope, the hemp prohibition still holds to some extent. Just imagine what would happen if that too would fall. Hemp is way too cheap than that the people should give him instead wirtschaftsförderlicheren drugs. Pull hemp is easier than cabbage or tomatoes. Horribly, it just that everyone should think.

How many doctors would be as likely to be unemployed? How many pharmacies went bankrupt?

And only the psychiatrist. At the close they were out of sheer despair nor Scientologists. Or even worse. Perhaps the same terrorists. Unincorporated well on top of that.

Even the campaigns, to go to a check-up every week, access, especially in men, not as they should. Where to but every time, when you look good only find something!

The people, many in any case, are already an evil rabble. I'm sorry that I have to be so clear. Let the growth industry in itself simply die mercilessly.

Eat the garlic, olive oil, easy drinking red wine. Saboteurs. Volkswirtschaftsvernichter.

Some of them were even years not the doctor. Which give a fuck if doctors have to live under the bridge, receptionists at the bar. Social parasites. Drecksgesocks.

Yes, the situation is desperate.

How should the industry for a living somehow patch, panthenol and iodine ointment? That is not even enough for the first two weeks in January. Deibel well.

If it would bring what, all the vermin would be abolished.

Unfortunately, however, is who is dead not sick.

As nature has made a fatal mistake.

It therefore needs a permanent death tax.

And a penalty tax for Healthy.

Otherwise it is not.

Valium and Ritalin in the crib!

Haldol in the nursery!

No school without antidepressant!

No job without weekly doctor's visit!

No tenure without medical psychotherapy!

Damn you!

Somehow this will be yet get added!

(Do not read Dear!) Not a nice story

Monday, March 18, 2013

From the regularly purchasable, not just love for sale I wrote yesterday:


Now it is a different version of it.

Everywhere here in Stuttgart - it is in Düdo, Minga, Hamburch, Leiptsch and Koelle same thing - I see the professionally successful straight people between 25 and 40, as they sneak around each other. While most of them know how their sex organs function, they probably still try earnestly twosome then whether it technically still is, but kids do with it no. You have absolutely terrified of them that someday such a socially and financially ruinous Blag could entgegenpurzeln. The worst social and professional disaster.

Life they couple looking together, the three-room apartment kost 'bottom line' nen Tausi, everyone brings home two to three Tausis, so they can afford vacations in Dailond, the Dürgei, Bali, even in Mali, if not exactly where the French Foreign Legion special things makes. You can always eat out, have fun in fancy bars, it is enough convenient for everything but still the private helicopter and yacht in Portofino. So far you have it then usually but not yet accomplished.

Although this is a bit unfair, but manageable. So jealous you are not taxed. We are assured each other in Brusttone the belief that you really do not need that now. Sometimes that's true even.

But it gnaws. It creates like a Dubbel, and any savings bank director or even Steinbrück makes ten times as much ash, although also can not more than you own. So towards the end of the Thirty realize that you may never ascend to such a sovereign Abschakalen. Now it begins to annoy properly. What you will but admit under any circumstances. Now certainly not. (more ...)

Beyondliner -: BPD were yesterday (II)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My attack by means of the concept of "Beyondliner" - first only concise and natural - indeed has a serious background.

I quote again first thing readers Thomas said in the first reply to:

"Beyondliner have become a rare species. People who are over time, the system, the belief, the general opinion also that are beyond today's good and evil, which are outside the Think of the masses those who bring the world forward. In the one or in the other direction. Mostly, however, in the future. "

It is both what Thomas so aptly put it, but also about people who are "different" are something the lies claws of psychiatrists and WHO and those who stand behind it to escape.

Who only times the Wikipedia entry on "borderline" flies over, will soon see that there is no ding to the term fixed criteria in science. Among other things, is there at the end of the introduction to the article entlarvenderweise (followed by more later statements that clearly do them):

"There has been no consensus to issues of classification, causes, definition and therapy." (more ...)

ADHD: The giftspeiende Dragon staggers

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

As the last posts on the topic of ADHD as anderwo here have shown that ADHD-MPH-Volksvergifter come gradually in Erklärungsnot.

There can now be no question of it, that the "diagnosis" will put only very rarely not indexed and children were medicated benefits wrong.

But the system has, as you should not fool yourself, even over considerable inertia.

That underlie two main factors. One is of course the money that is earned in this crime against humanity. The gigantic damages, the. Novartis et al could roll. So again the money. (more ...)

News from the Front ADHD: guys just castrate?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Canadian researchers have the data almost one million children studied - which statistical error on a clean work are the order technically impossible - and have come to the unsurprising result came that ADHD was "diagnosed" much more common in early Built Schulten, with appropriate subsequent medication, usually methylphenidate . Quite simply, you guessed it, because younger children are still immature and fidgety than older ones.

So sad how funny (when the black humor brings with it), however, that in itself mirror-report at the end of such a part of the result - boys are up to three times more often "treated" - surprised:

"Why boys are more affected, is not yet clear. Presumptions but this could be due to the slightly different expression of symptoms in both sexes: boys with ADHD are often conspicuous by hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, in girls, attention disorder manifested more frequently by dreaminess and lack of concentration - and therefore will be detected less frequently ".

Soso, in girls so ADHD is rarely recognized because they are not boys. Slightly differently, so to speak, because no gender helps dirt. Who Häb 'au dees dengd, the Schwabe says to himself there again. Since tens of thousands of years guys make on average more Rabatz than girls, and these heroes of modern science just do not get still in their zerstudierten mud pears as, simply, quite normal. Why, your specialists, your not neutered they just all? That eunuchs Although not usually live as long as Testikelinhaber, is but a small price to pay - the intervention is cheap, any vet can - that we once and for all has a rest, because they are well known not only in the harem easier to care for. (read more ...)

FAZ: ADHD invented disease

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Ritalin is a pill against an invented disease, the disease to be a difficult boy. More and more guys get the diagnosis. The pill makes them smooth, docile, quiet and dependent. "

With these words begins with the title "Ritalin for ADHD - Where the Wild Things lived" the best articles on the topic of ADHD and methylphenidate (Ritalin), which I read in a German mass media in fifteen years of employment with them. (more ...)

Ritalin: Kotz!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Note This article is aimed at all of course, but insonderheit to parents, where one seeks to talk to ADD / ADHD Hyperaktivitätshumbug to poison their children legally and make a lot of money.

I could tell after 14 years of tutoring practice a lot to subject in this context, but the duty of confidentiality.

Currently, I have no such "patients", fortunately, but I could always hinkotzen somewhere when I read stories like this. (more ...)