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Masons Arms

Thursday, 09 June, 2011.

The Freemasons, with their notoriously Ägyptizismus will not be just thrilled that probably much earlier much larger pyramids were built in Europe:


Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I'd like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn, it is not about you may now, tell the truth.

9/11 It's not about being almost all is said, except in the sheep media.

The NPD's not about the writing of the constitution protection than enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I also know how there are not enough.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about them.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)