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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'His failures against all that is spiritual, perhaps coming from a deep longing for exactly this. Who Nietzsche so admired, as he can not really be "unspiritual" ... Well, ultimately everything is spirit ... '

This assessment of my work - from two years ago - I was just randomly here:


A character?

After all, there's something before that friendly mention. Thanks at this point for it.

But back to the quote.

Due from all that is spiritual. The me. I probably had not told enough of Crowley, runes, numerology, and various other little about my spiritual hobby-horses. Or you took everything as camouflage it?

Oh yes, this deep longing. After such a beautiful rack of lamb with green beans and small, quite browned buttered potatoes. Given a strong Sancerre. Yes, because if I just think of my campfire at my cape on the Baltic Sea, red Bouteille right, alone with sand and rock and fire, and the sea view under full moons: I want the same way again.

Or fly again in a dream about Japan, Amur, bathe in the most wonderful lakes and rivers, feel the Überspültsein on the Strand, really, again, for a beach runner days, whether right in the dunes of Ameland clouds and spray the North Sea, salt air, red Bouteille .

The longings for spiritual I know of myself, in fact, not a few.

Sometimes I long even after it, even to write something spiritual.

But then again I dare not, or it missrät even pathetic.

Of love, inalsoweit can be spiritual, I also do not understand much; I beigerammelt only times two boys.

This respect is almost unfortunate that ultimately, well, everything is spirit.

So spiritually. Thus myself.

I almost feel a little consternation.

No: THAT is so not fair! (I am Libra.)

And I must say here clearly now. (Leo Ascendant.)

And if it becomes a failure. (Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the first house.)

If I'm just yet spiritually soherum already, how could I still have so much longing as often as possible to be something similar to spiritually?

Moreover, Nietzsche was not spiritual. He thought it better to thinking. He was just because thinking principle can not be spiritual, not spiritual.

But I adore him so so much. (Crowley was not stupid, but considering Nietzsche but an egomaniac and a charlatan.)

I worship Confucius. He was also very unspiritual. So he spoke neither about God nor about magic. (There is a small video of me.)

Also as a pleasant little spiritual I guess Heinrich von Kleist, the hard-hitting stories, syntactically incomparable, with a pace knew that against it not only difficult paralyzes some Scripture to tell, in such unspiritual German, that when reading or paper at the sound of brit tent.

Jaja. My Unspiris.

Almost my favorite, worst Unspiri, it was here already several times mentioned (how Kleist and Konfzius also), Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

He has quite simply a story of Zween idiot tells someone who considered himself spiri, but only in his imagination was (or actually does it?), And one whose spirituality is similar to mine, on sufficiently Käs and wine and good quarters for the night first taught.

No wonder, then, that he won not too important place in the world of Spiribewunderungsliteratur; the profundity of the unspiritual is just often not easily comprehended by Spiris and even understood.

It abounds in the Quijote only seems like - imaginary - cursed magicians and magic Ebennichtzufällen, and there is no lack of some other ingredient that wants the Spiri fallen well.

Alone: ​​The story is too funny. That may be the Spiri now does not mean that you do not want aufbilden humorless not even the highest Spiri. A non sequitur. A sacrilege.

Where was I?

Yes, exactly. When injustice.

It is truly unfair to genuine Spiris just because all mind is to throw me in a pot.

I will also not accept uncontradicted 2014.