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Minor property damage democratic

Monday, September 16, 2013

Too much campaign you do not notice in Stuttgart.

Save on and on posters that are defaced and destroyed.

In the - except me - quite civil to be named district, where we reside, and where can I get around everywhere else in the city, is easily spread to medium poster vandalism.

Interestingly, it seems to take all the stock in approximately similar hard. Even as a pirate fig I saw near my dwelling quite softened lie in the autumn rain mush.

Well, because, as I read earlier criminal charges were dismissed as minor damage due poster areas in the state, probably dare brave conservatives now, the Cem turn away the face or to send the pirates to swimming exercises.

The poor AfD lands there, where they announced just in the poster voter support, on the pavement. And for Swabian conditions is not cleared up quickly. Maybe I should ask the clerk's office, why all the crap there for days is whether any it unless Responsible.

One here, you simply content with the probaten black tooth gaps, which he always seems to bring the same device, it distributes at least fair to all parties recorder.

Well, except the only very partially formed, temporary mess (rats eat no pressboard with Hackfresse), created yes no special damage, and I must admit that while I may not approve of the reason fro the committed property damage me but always back again catch, as I pass with satisfaction at such a poster corpse. (more ...)