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Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XII)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Steinbrück against Merkel just the chance that the wegkracht the FDP and he must perform his job Bilderbergers B or C with the Left Party. An outside chance.

Not only that, he is not intellectually up to it, her voice, for all phrases that they, too, threshing, just better.

Steinbrück has perhaps really set up only to lose, wants him in case of a grand coalition even as vice-chancellor under Merkel.

Diction default it tries the big chain, but it's just one with which you can ablummeln 1500 watts, Chinese lollipop from the discount store, a few pine boughs.

As I said, I am not for Merkel. Maybe better if it prevented Savings Bank Director drankommt, the cart shorter rather than longer painful moves to a necessary new ending. In it, he wants to be even superior to Merkel.

That's why I'm still not even for Steinbrück. How should I also have just a better idea, which US Satrap is the bottom line cause less damage?

The SPD, like other parties also, now so nothing like moslem friendly as gay, as feminist as military interventionist, because of some Which just aufrechtzuerhaltender or protective rights. Saubande.

About the Greens I'm talking about is known, as well as not. I was but the other day by an alert reader pointed out, and he tried it out, I had been reminded about, I believed him simply, it was already late, I have to those stated times, you may not offend the rabble, by including it expects.

The FDP is irgendsoein Witzmichwasichweißnichtbiswohin wobbles just as well as it goes around for those who just comes.

The Union is already amazing; it has almost all conservatives and patriots systematically stripped, but there is relatively good. The AFD has bestowed in no time as Punch event, faster even than the Piratioten.

The Left Party is a kind of modern FDP; has vehemently anti-clerical and gay and lesbian and feminist and secular forces weltallgleichmacherisch set, but at the same time umseiert Islam, in contrast to Christianity.

What bandits.

There is still the NPD. The Protection of the Constitution Party. Unfortunately, I have to doubt very justified because of the constitutional protection for true patriots and conservatives and liberals and libertarians and even real total of socially responsible Sentient have much left. Each expertise speaks against it.

I will now times German and clear: "THAT's a Scheißpuff!"

Everywhere on a clear preponderance of sycophants and traitors!

NO MATTER who you choose in which: will you sell you.

None of these parties also announces only what had to do, of course, in a federal election in their way, any serious, namely, to stand up for Germany.

As I said, I do not expect the NPD now. The Constitution is a so-called protection.

The rest does not even have a donated hair from an ass crack in his pants. Freedom? Was not that Schiller, who knew how to spell the word yet?

And, no, I choose no chance to loose Minor party meaningless protests.

I stand by my call to active boycott of parliamentary elections.