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Bernie stupid?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

US Exfinanzminister Henry Paulson was asked about his machinations in the fall of last year and the beginning of this year on July 16 of Kongressabegeordneten. Videos are easy to find under "Paulson videos".

Remarkably, here one of the most questionable figures of the recent world financial fraud story of several women and men has been taken in the strongest terms the deficiency; I wish truly that comparable geschähe at us with those responsible regarding Hypo Real Estate and various state banks.

Probably just wishful thinking, but you can try it even at least.

For another thing, which nevertheless belongs on the theme of Financial Fraud: A certain Bernie Madoff, who allegedly misappropriated in a financial Pyramidensytem between 50 and 60 billion dollars recently to a long prison term (for him probably de facto life sentence) convicted.

So far, so good. I could but so far nowhere describes where the misappropriated funds were stayed because (more ...)

The word homicide

Thursday 07 May 2009

The homicide word is now "conspiracy theory".

For example, if a Hank Paulson said goodbye with $ 500 million from a Wall Street bank to the US Treasury, there to leave later one of the main competitors go into bankruptcy, while his old pals every time - come out stronger from the Sause - also with State plasticine and a dare even to suggest an obvious connection, then it probably depends a "conspiracy theory" to.

Soon it is time that you will be 2 + 2 = 4 called conspiracy theory and the general common sense as a construct that is capable of producing only such. (more ...)