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Obama in the self-imposed pressure to act

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Obama administration's war logic to Syria:

"Gaaanz sure it was the regime. Sure. Virtually certain. Virtually certain. In any case, by the logic. So, we have come to the conclusion. And if it was so, then we have to react. "

Apart from the fact that the UN initially an earlier use of poison gas on the part of the "rebels" noted alswelches judgment then quickly moved into the sinking: With that declaration of a "red line" in the event of such use by President Obama this, regardless of whether its ally (possibly with the help of Western and Arab forces golf) have committed the war crime or the regular Syrian army, is exposed to the pressure to act ( see also here: http://de.ria.ru/politics/20130828/266754885.html ), in where he is now. And he will, now at least, well actually not purely with U.S. ground forces, so that the Islamist terrorists and murderers from their own pack that you used to be shot himself in the back. (more ...)

Strikes Unlimited Authorized

Thursday, February 14, 2013

USA: God's own dronery.

(Here again the link to reader Dudes documentary entitled "fascists want Martial Law / Martial Law in the USA")

From the upper terrorists Obama and how "it" yet and is otherwise

Friday 08 February 2013

Under the title " rubber-License to Kill "reported the FAZ Matthias Rueb from Washington on the world's largest terrorists. Drone upper Terrorist Obama. Without, however, to say, otherwise he did not write yes at this venerable newspaper. But still plugged latent criticism in the article.

Has long been known that the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama can kill by Gusto world, are doing next to suspects regularly masse wholly innocent men, women and children, torn and mutilated.

No terrorist group can, at least since the unexplained events to 9.11, boast of having carried so many innocents by terrorist attacks to the afterlife, as Barack Hussein Obama.

No peer but not Angela, certainly not Geert or Henryk says something about it. Obama is rather "Change".

Said, apart from the adjective "sweet", not even is quite wrong.

He is small change, change money, play money. He did not make it, so it was just Romney, Kerry, Petraeus (the latter has disqualified amorous unfortunately for this noble task) or else an ordered butcher gossips.

There is still no law against it, any written, but everyone knows that this one may not say what objectively, added in many ways by the criminals themselves: is what it is.

Like as if a bell shit about all the politicians, journalists, all that some still want to belong, would be placed. And that is much more important, seen of power politics, because that abmurkst a few possible enemy villains and many innocent people. This means mental control. Fair is foul, and foul is fair.

Orwell was the 1984th We have departed. (more ...)

New York Times "enthusiastic" for Obama

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The most influential newspaper in North America, some say, the world, the New York Times yesterday in an editorial of the title " Barack Obama for Re-Election advocates "in a remarkable way for a re-election of the incumbent U.S. presidency.

The article concludes, after various policy fields and processed each Romney judged the worse, Obama's successes out deleted (sometimes one would have wished for more of it), so:

"For synthesis and many other Reasons, we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term, and express the hope did his victory will be Accompanied By a new Congress willing to work for policies did Americans need."

(For these and many other reasons, we support President Barack Obama excited for a second term and express the hope that this victory will be accompanied by a new Congress, the policy for the Americans needed to work willing.)

Now, while it is tradition that the NYT clearly pronounce shortly before the election for a presidential candidate (see box left in the original article, where each supported candidates are listed), and yet the word jumps "enthusiastically" (enthusiastic, excited) in the last Set the eye. (more ...)

Obama: Jews and Jauswarte

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama has once again verquatscht such - and the teleprompter this time it will have hardly dominant - that one can only wonder still.

Has to do what "Jew" in connection with tax rates with "caretaker" ("Jew" with "janitor"), except both words in English begin with the same letter and sound that, in any event, remains his secret. (more ...)

Libya war: Racist massacre - Super victory of NATO

Tuesday 06 September 2011

Who hinschaute a bit more precisely, the has long been known that the Libyan "rebels" her - NATO - campaign against Gaddafi backed not only with racist slogans, but from the beginning to the fatal shooting of Black Africans, mostly innocent migrant workers, all massacres, in their agenda softcover.

Yes, but you you had to take a closer look, because in the NATO-sheep media was not much to it.

Meanwhile, let the matter no longer hold under the blanket, neither for the "diplomacy" or to the NATO-media.

See z. Example here .

That a veteran jihadists, once deported from Western services from Bangkok to Libya, Tripoli was taking, the accused now those very services of the previous Folterkomplizentums with Gaddafi, of course, is a very special curiosity.

How stupid you have to actually be? (more ...)

Obama: The dictator who only looks

Monday, 06 June 2011

One that no matter who may be killed by the state, how do you call the?

Normally dictator.

One of which is now called Obama and is the first black U.S. president with a white mother. (more ...)

Obama is a hologram?

Friday, May 13, 2011

I could see the remarkable list under the title "What Barry Soetoro Obama Is Hiding From US" not specifically examine.

But you indicated, if correct, suggests that we only know taken by Obama basically, that it exists physically.

Unless it were a hologram from the deep cellars of the CIA. (more ...)

Obama's corpse sunk rapidly in the sea

Monday, May 02, 2011

'In the heat of the moment it can ever happen - even SPIEGEL ONLINE ran the same transposed letters for a few minutes - in this case the typos is particularly unfortunate. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert confused on Twitter, the "s" with "b" - and accused the U.S. president inadvertently incredible deeds: "Obama responsible for deaths of thousands of innocents, has derided the basic values ​​of Islam and all religions." '

So it is today in the SPON Live Scores .

That 9/11 TV-hero Seibert has its own name did not write correctly in his first Twitter message as a government spokesman, was his input pun, now following this.

If he wanted to take Osama Obama write, so two questions arise. (more ...)

Obama has a negro problem? (II)

Friday, April 29, 2011

I have still been laughing all the time, although not yet certain that Obama will plunge you that you did not call him Negro, than would have been necessary.

That would be the politically correct induced Spracheigentor of the century.

A satirist who would have thought such a thing would have been best described as quite mad and especially by many as evil racist.

The president, who was, because you him at the appropriate time
not called Negroes.

This is beyond good and evil.

At least.

How can you improve on that?

Obama has a negro problem?

Friday, April 29, 2011

The discussion about Obama's birth certificate continues to beat high waves.

In the first case verargumentiert is a graphically inconsistent texture, presented now document was tampered with.

The second procedure is the same along graphical parameters, this time whether discrepancies in the pixelation.

As I understand little of image processing (although the argument in the first seems logical) to check the correctness of the assertions can I please therein versed reader to adjust their views here.

Now comes the kicker, should agree what Wayne Madsen regard to languages ​​setting out for Hawaiian birth certificates in 1961. (more ...)

Obama severely punished

Thursday 03 March 2011

Obama will go to hell, because it would be too lonely in the sky: No pope, no U.S. president is inside.

But the devil will not let him in, soften by no begging.

"Why, why?" Begs the poor man, who usually brings out without his teleprompter (these things are already banned Hell's input, because the devil can not piss like) anything meaningful Mature. (more ...)

Black can degrade Petraeus

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Four-star General Petraeus remains in the Hindu Kush to items, but was demoted to "private" (see previous reports on-screen affair).

Alice Schwarzer to Petraeus as - according to unconfirmed reports - "completely crazy macho Proll" have referred to, after she got leaked a video where the General is supposed to see how he commands a Fernmelderin him a link to the image produce front.

"Absolutely unacceptable," "disgusting", "bastard" are still the mildest expressions have been, (more ...)

The Black Empire Strikes Back

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urgent: Black Barack has because of the Schröder affair (we reported) by Michelle such vollpullig tweaked in the poodle bag that David (Petraeus, who with the uranium spin) sends to the tabloids.

Experts of the paranormal predict a Prolonged patteliges rings, because it is about peter space-filling portable Pustelpimmel and pöblizistische Pullerprestige for pomeranzenpeinigenden Springerpuff and for Panzerpuster-Pitt politically for the presidency.

Celente significantly

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gerald Celente, apart from yours truly perhaps the trend expert of our time talking, respect Obimmsallah USA and concise plain text:


Obama Insane?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

There are scattered more and more rumors that President Obama was not quite sane. (Enter times "Obama nuts" or "Obama depression" or similar terms in the search engine ...)

Here are two examples, the first in German written, and seriously, the second in English, as video and funny:

(Read more ...)

Fight of the decade: Pippi against BP

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pippi Longstocking lived today in the Gulf of Mexico, so they would be out of a successful property law certainly also a nimble collecting sub-Ölsucherin beach, how does this video believable:

(Read more ...)

Badly fucked, Mr President

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In this video you can see how the wondrously rescued Gulf of Mexico looks like in reality:

The Americans, all of us are systematically lied to and cheated: it has not changed.

Huge oil-Corexit underwater currents (they called and called they usually still misleading "plumes", eg bubbles) drive undersea Gulf of Mexico, the time bomb is ticking not, it flows and spills. (more ...)

Obama's docile killer and helper

Monday, September 06, 2010

A whole collection to Obama's death squads, together with some additional links (also one to Wikileaks) those interested can find here .

A quote from it:

"The big lie is simple, thatthere really is a global war on terror. The truth is more Realistically thatthere is a global war of terror. "

(The big lie is simply that there really is a world war of terror. Relay Tischer is the truth that there is a global war of terror.)

The USA are all once again to modernity ahead, especially Latin American banana republics: you hold death squads before (more ...)

Cheap Platt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good thing: BP sets up a $ 20 billion compensation fund heavy, the one Mr Feinberg distributed completely independently generous, so far as the destruction of nature must be quantified, probably only 1-10% of that pay what the company has done.

Truly a wise and well networked managed company; there could even Goldman Sachs, although dazzling on typical clairvoyant timely sale of its BP shares having earned, but a little green envy get in the face, (more ...)

Open Letter to The Killer

Tuesday 06 July 2010

Dire Mr President,

I am a loving father of two kids, and I know of Your programs, worldwide, to have killed anyone who gets in the way of Your pervertedness and the greed of Your Likewise insane masters.

I am not afraid of death squads Your, anyway.

Even now, did You have surpassed Your predecessor in murderous lust, openly piling uncharged Americans on Your list of worldwide homicide, I, that's for sure, Shall not cave in.

Nay, I am Your Teutonic nightmare. (more ...)

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