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2013: The year of inner liberation (II)

Monday, December 23, 2013

I maintain that it is simply significantly.

2013: The year of inner liberation

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We had here some already in Forum: The Brzezinski Plan NWO cabal running out of air.

As you Libya meal ended, because you could feel the last time quite large. What has been gained, we now see from Mali to Niger to Central Africa.

We also wanted to scrap Syria. It has also produced many deaths, much ruined, but is unsuccessful. Better to have a predictable, all ethnic groups and denominations protective autocrat, as thousands of jihadist bandits and mercenaries and smugglers and each variety vermin from around the world: It's become clear to the Syrians well.

And behind the scenes, Russia has expressed not only a serious warning about Syria, but is also assumed that it has made clear, together with China, that Iran is not invaded. The fifth U.S. fleet is in Bahrain selbsteingekesselt quickly at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

In Germany later this year, many who still somehow, propaganda controlled by something like a sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany believer, if not totally blind and deaf, woke up, found that they still only in a besatzten vassal state, if required also UN-enemy state, as may US-quasi-colony, live.

Even many on the left find the, to use a modern expression, suboptimal.

Western Europe is to hold out much longer in the EU prison. The people want to belong again myself. You do not need Commissariat monster to know that you are Europeans and to act accordingly.

The downright delusional plans to repressive, violent enforcement of "tolerance", tolerance of EU-reading, planned most senior are to understand as the last, already delirious convulsions of the delusional system.

Even though the historical joke that about $ 30 trillion, so at least the theoretical potential value of all the debts of the states around the world, to "offshore" accounts are floating around, have some already understood.

The FED is when I really know it, tomorrow hundred. The hundred it creates probably.

"It has been achieved an enormous amount": If our new defense minister, I hear on the radio just to have said in Afghanistan and why we naturally not completely depart, give up everything again.

Those who believe such a shite yet? Who?

Which the lie itself invented?

Even more especially young women wake up, remember that today's feminism women robbed womanhood.

So take more and more of the main and Subagenden always clear before the wall, and still more assurances that they had only transient problems, do not do better.

It has even, and as long as you felt amazingly safe, the issue of racism messed up. It has anti-white racism encouraged so bold so far that the noticed more and more people. Since the cork is already out of the bottle. Stupid lied gone stupid.

It has also long been known as extensively monitored electronically, then, caught, so damn stupid the unsuspecting, the full idiots play that also was not lost on anyone allzumal when nothing substantially new learned in view of the "revelations" of Snowden, As a layman, like me, having only heard what supposed experts told a long time.

Yet another saudummer dizziness.

Even with the legalization of voluntary mutilation on boys sex part has not covered itself with glory. Just looking quickly durchgebimst a basically untenable and also completely unclear law. A Schandblatt.

Ach. We breathe times by a bit.

As we have just between parked in Germany: Our language in many places developed again very creative and free-spirited; this sets free forces; Knowledge is not only a joke.

Of all the countries that were at the front and stand in the Kabale - I leave now Israel as a special case outside before - are the ones who were always at the forefront, the USA and Great Britain, now inwardly rotten, than most other, much less prey did.

The industries of these countries, is counted as the financial industry appropriately enough as an industry, conceived either scarcely available or in other descents from a few areas, the infrastructure scruffy ever.

So now speaks already in Britain and in the beautiful USA around that we ended up not come off as well as a champion and spearhead the NWO, as a promise that, in some places the whole roast is also smelled.

I mean, 2013 was the year of inner liberation.

Goldman Sachs swears the NWO from

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The spokesman for Goldman Sachs today, albeit with a slightly trembling voice, yet clearly audible, at least provisionally renounced before the world press, the New World Order.

Dave Silverberg said, after a lightning journey that had taken him to Beijing and Moscow, clearly took something: "We all have to sit down and talk. What was projected as the New World Order hasnt proven fit for our times. "

More questions let Silverberg not. The Chancellor's Office reports that for it to submissions of private bankers not external.

Strange. The discounts at major banks are surprisingly moderate, some industrials pull even at. The calm before the storm.

A stunning capital inflow is everywhere where there supposedly something certain to buy real are much more violent than the last year.

Suddenly the money comes from the Virgin Islands back in circulation. Rather, it tries desperately to return thereinto.

For there is ausschakalt quickly. How will all the money be legitimized air suddenly?

Mr. Silverberg may still make his illusions, but it is flat but soon finally over, with the counterfeit money.

So Much for Your Bitches

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Masonic hacks of the "New World Order" is obviously so slowly but surely the ink out. Wat'n stress. From hypocrisy is panting.

Get rid of the "It"!

Friday 08 June 2012

To the article " Guido Fawkes NWO Schafsseckel (II) "wrote reader already Dude after long previous discussion, inter alia:

"Somehow, maybe would have all the hackers of the world are united, so that they then ensure that the real information - freely provided by their creators - through the channels are hunted, instead of the constant Geseiers today.

That would be but ne with military excessive exercise, on the guarantees very fast countermeasures would also be initiated. With full force!

Cracked, accursed devil breeding also ... "

So I replied:

"I do not mean that there is a lack of information in the sense referred to by you.

But I think I spoke this evening with my friends about it, that I have the explaining to pack in a separate article, of course, at this point you put forward by referring or citing the most important thing from your last comment.

And anyway the Guy Fawkes articles and -Galgenstränge total building.

That is the issue here, of course, not stall.

But requires the special aspect of the available information to be made available or a separate, additional care in one's own contribution. "

Now the promised thing: we had more information regarding the machinations of certain people, the certainly did not hurt. Whether it is more likely, however, much easier to heal, to be considered critical here.

We know from the Iraq WMD lie. From Iran lie . From the USS Liberty. Assume that the already fundamentally unlawful agreement was broken by Lisbon, hardly that the ink was dry. We know from the torture and the innocents in Guantanamo. We know about the incubators in Kuwait story. We are aware of the Rhine meadows. We know about the drone attacks. The secret prisons. The machinations in Libya. Our best allied Arab Händeabhackstaat. From many Mossad assassinations. We know where HAARP is and at least partially what this monster can. We see durchschmurgeln Fukushima. The uranium ammunition madness is occupied. The Corexit-mess is known. That 9/11 may not have been, as claimed, we know. The derivatives madness, the whole financial madness is largely obvious. Wiklileaks was there. At Monsanto Roundup and enough is due. Similarly to the Spanish flu virus. The Impfmafia. The Bilderbergers. Bohemian Grove. Skull & Bones. The FED. And so on andsoforth.

In short, the list goes on and on.

We know all this, the information is there, but this causes at least so far nothing decisive. At least not yet visible particularly crucial.

This should satisfy all this.

But it does not. (more ...)

I will only apply vegans

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of course I'll accept also carnivores and vegetarians. We're tolerant.

What I have, however, now part of vegetarians mischief (not all talk like that or similar, but not least), but that beats the drum to the ground.

When asked how they could for providing their eggs and their Käs without having to operate animal breeding, what for then with the Althühnern, Altkühen, Altschafen and Altziegen (the many young cocks, young animals, young goats also the only devour, if left alive, the feed the hens, the grass the cows away, etc., and not just) should begin to whether one should leave until the Altersschwächetod in the pasture to give them to the compost, regularly comes only Geblubber . (read more ...)

That was not me, was it?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Intelligent potsmokers Further more who like wine are utterly dangerous for the NWO.

Three of the best things coming together against the one worst: That's kinda shitty.

Good night and good luck. "