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If the constitutional protection renamed?

Monday, January 30, 2012

If certain people finally say what everyone says it violently scolded Reasonable for a long time, it might actually be heard and taken seriously.

This fate seems now to overtake the assessment of the constitutional protection. Rather, Bubi Jauch was elevated to have.

The most important details are in this satire on SPON (finally I can mirror the times praise !!!) and well worth reading summarized.

Quote ("you" are the VSler meant):

"As First you have to make unfortunately your former boss Peter Frisch. As an ex-President of the Office, he has managed to reveal official secrets. He did not want that. He had honestly tried really within its means to provide protectively in front of you. He betrayed that you are a "political intelligence", ie controlled by the employer out of politics. "

Yes nu.

What any decent left, right and not completely behind the moon living a bare banality, now finds his ennoblement by Jauch and SPON.

But whether this really helps? (more ...)

9.12 for yes and naysayers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Given the huge salaries and bonuses of bankers, while their ailing institutions are nursed back with tax money, we often hear of it, the only way to keep "the best", so there was no other way: a long unmasked by many other bad, stale joke, because this "best" yes the world only led to the abyss.

But it goes now another, no less perfidious line of argument, pay themselves nor the financial sharks, whose ruined by them institutions had to be completely nationalized: On Contract law is not just get to shake.

Prima: Then the federal government wants to show me once, which I have concluded contracts with Hypo Real Estate, Commerzbank, the country's ailing banks, etc. (more ...)

Lots and Loosen

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am considering now to overcome my weaker and for the parliamentary elections to play political Russian roulette, to the front lines of Afghanistan warriors just yet to confront two votes, without that I would be single result clearly to blame.

Of two parties known is known to have used publicly repeated for an early end to German participation in the Afghanistan war.

These two parties to this reasonableness call themselves "The Left" and "National Democratic Party of Germany". (more ...)

Select Protection of the Constitution?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was asked if I wanted to choose the NPD.

I said no and called on demand more polite reasons.

But after I thought it over once more how this is so my kind of concern, and came to a point of view, although it has long been floating around in my brain, because I had not, however, detected previously in this selectivity.

As is well known, a large part (only in Cologne and Berlin we know who and the exact percentage) of the leading NPD people working for the Protection of the Constitution, at least more managers than any other authorized party, I chose but with the NPD constitutional protection to some extent even so pressed best of my constitutional-democratic convictions and thus would help a good cause with the utmost vigor.

The thought of going so far in my loyalty to the constitution, of course, caused me abdominal pain; however, it would be me but clearly by any other party possible to choose more constitutional protection and to promote democratic than this.

I was a little dizzy at the thought, I admit frankly. (more ...)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The pension will be reduced to no case, Union and SPD have decided, no matter what happens to the wages.

This appeared to those as a prima Gag before the election, to capture the 20 million pensioners.

Now they seem the thing but to fly around the ears, because on the one hand is obvious that this would keep on the remaining expected other problems in the public coffers and lower contributions by the insured only if all would owe funded again or completely at the expense of working people, of course, especially the families, geschähe.

Therefore, these artists of empty promises believes that now no longer sow; especially pigs can count on a charity only in the rarest of cases, such as perhaps a faithful old donkey or a deserved nag. (more ...)

Pirate Party?

Monday, June 22, 2009

I just me once a while on the network side of the "Pirate Party" ( piratenpartei.de hanging around) and am impressed with what you have there already turned everything on its feet.

Especially since I noticed very positive that there obviously come together not only a few network fool.

The page is kept in good German and not just brimming with absurd and idiotic Neusprechkrämpfen Anglicisms.

I won in any case the impression that here is a very serious movement has emerged, I would fear as "Zensursula" (von der Leyen) and "Stasi 2.0" -Schäuble like the plague.

First samples show all that are mainly highly educated young people come together, many of which have probably understood more computers already in the tricycle age when I bring together in rotten meat stage.

By no means gave the impression here if it were any anarcho-Hartzi Wheel brothers who are only on bullying from, especially if the constitutional protection for a few piston beer specially donated. (more ...)

Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I would like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn is not about you may now tell the truth.

9.11 it is not, it's almost all is said, except in the media sheep.

The NPD it is not about the writing of the Constitution as protection enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I know myself well there not.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about it.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)