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Save pharmaceutical industry! Dead tax and penalty tax for Healthy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost even more pity than with the poor banks that we have to save regularly in order to survive, I have with the pharmaceutical industry.

In Germany, for example, we completed the sale of antidepressants - as I read just - can not even whole to increase by half from 2007 to 2011. Nevertheless, not even two billion daily doses a year.

After all, when amphetamine - the kids drug - Methylphenidate one came in the last 15 years, probably from kilos to tons. A drop in the ocean, however.

Really disgraceful that you have the beer and the wine is not forbidden in this drab questionable situation.

Millions more went to the doctor, where they finally belong, this overdue measure would finally implemented. Why do we have an EU?

Some psychiatric hospitals, also are chronically understaffed, even the damn patient rights, especially against medication, were strengthened at least theoretically. This can make an already scared.

Even the Novartis share faltering now. It has risen in the last year degrees times from 46 to 58 euros! Who sac but also should be able to live on it?

Will people not finally rapidly sicker, so it might make smaller manufacturers soon deathblow straight.

After all, a small ray of hope, the hemp prohibition still holds to some extent. Just imagine what would happen if that too would fall. Hemp is way too cheap than that the people should give him instead wirtschaftsförderlicheren drugs. Pull hemp is easier than cabbage or tomatoes. Horribly, it just that everyone should think.

How many doctors would be as likely to be unemployed? How many pharmacies went bankrupt?

And only the psychiatrist. At the close they were out of sheer despair nor Scientologists. Or even worse. Perhaps the same terrorists. Unincorporated well on top of that.

Even the campaigns, to go to a check-up every week, access, especially in men, not as they should. Where to but every time, when you look good only find something!

The people, many in any case, are already an evil rabble. I'm sorry that I have to be so clear. Let the growth industry in itself simply die mercilessly.

Eat the garlic, olive oil, easy drinking red wine. Saboteurs. Volkswirtschaftsvernichter.

Some of them were even years not the doctor. Which give a fuck if doctors have to live under the bridge, receptionists at the bar. Social parasites. Drecksgesocks.

Yes, the situation is desperate.

How should the industry for a living somehow patch, panthenol and iodine ointment? That is not even enough for the first two weeks in January. Deibel well.

If it would bring what, all the vermin would be abolished.

Unfortunately, however, is who is dead not sick.

As nature has made a fatal mistake.

It therefore needs a permanent death tax.

And a penalty tax for Healthy.

Otherwise it is not.

Valium and Ritalin in the crib!

Haldol in the nursery!

No school without antidepressant!

No job without weekly doctor's visit!

No tenure without medical psychotherapy!

Damn you!

Somehow this will be yet get added!

Weltholz eyes Organization

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In view of the swine flu, which could now be in a boy, who died of severe pneumonia, demonstrated, however, had probably nothing or little to do with his death something, as in a woman with severe sepsis and various other diseases, I must already say that my respect for the WHO pandemic has further increased immeasurably.

Our disease ministry we could actually also equal to a stock company owned by Novartis, Glaxo and Co. convert (more ...)

Flu highly secure

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the swine flu story and strange vaccines interested I will except those already given instructions to those add on Fort Detrick, a medical research facility of the U.S. Army, as a research starting point, if not -angelpunkt.

Brain flu

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It seems that the products marketed by GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine squalene emulsions are blended as an additive (ASO3) as well as get those from Novartis (MF 59).

This turbo-adjuvant the immune response per dose real vaccine is to be increased to about ten times. Thus, the constraints need to be closed.

The additives which are not yet listed in the United States should, through the lever 'pandemic - scarce vaccine - see times Europe' there can compete to conquer. (more ...)