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Goldman Sachs swears from the NWO (II)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dave Silverberg is swallowed by the earth. The rumors are that the National Security Council of the United States of America virtually nonstop met since his return from Moscow, Silverberg has to do there very intense.

It speaks according to our research, at least nothing that would Silverberg meanwhile slipped in the bathtub or there, the rest would have given edge or have to give.

On Wall Street, meanwhile, is suspicious. Who knows what Goldman time up to?

Man jokes already, the NWO have it anyway never existed, so those wishing to renounce almost certainly ridiculous or even a hinterfotzigerer trick, but this time was transparent.

"It is not for the Dutch government to comment on the humor of a speaker of a private bank, be it ever so great, as long as not necessarily Dutch interests are at stake." So The Hague.

Ueli Maurer, in his federal President, stated addressed in relation to the bench Switzerland, that Switzerland had now made for several centuries, their cosmic order, with visible success, it was all in the Lot.

And, no, the Minister sons arrested in Turkey after all reportedly as little to do with the Goldman-NWO affair as the French "intervention" in Central Africa.

Not even the island dispute between Japan and China are - at least directly - expected very ambivalent half capitulation range - to put it mildly - this in the orbit.

It is true also do not like the a joker spread on the net that "Nonwo" in the maternity hospitals of Delhi and Mumbai had shot up to the most common girl names, as the Times of India brought a corresponding headline. And the "left-autonomous" rioters in Hamburg have probably not even know what it mitgekriegt that their patrons seem to have fallen into heavy water.

It will be exciting for a while. The thing is not eaten.