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Gold? As long as the World Network does not crash ...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

As for the drop in prices of gold, slurs and lies a more stupid than the other. It's smooth laugh. (Follow links, quotes and objective discussion. Or not.)

So we make a joke of it once. After all, there is no lack to yes in conspiracy theories, such that all of these, since in principle idiotic, refer to the realm of paranoia, while they themselves, the probably not even noting that spread. These count wrong to overlook Ultimate or embezzled.

"How came gold to the highest values? - It always gives himself "(A not quite accurate, complete memory zuwenigst quote from Nietzsche's" Thus Spake Zarathustra "Hehe..).

Everything is as usual. The a puzzle, the other, even if they "knew" the opposite (hähähehe!), Until recently, all the top Sander analysts and investment recommenders (which always win because it does not matter for what bullshit they collect their commissions) are, again smarter than the rest. (Maybe I'm not going to not be bothered with all the quotes and so on. It's Sunday, and it will probably not even pay me only halfway decent for that.)

After all, I once again as the only right, as I prophesied becoming the gold downfall as occur before the end of the world. (The search function at the top right will take you to prove unless the World Network also still crashes from. Bin Laden is alive.)

I would have done it as well as a jackal. At 1600 sale, 1300, if all goes well, even by 1000 or 800 bought again. From something you eventually have to live. (Back 10,000 Euros in advance they get here a surefire investment recommendation, Price subject to change.) (more ...)