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From Blogger to Laller and Loller

Sunday, May 26, 2013

There is hardly anything Idiotischeres as an article that seeks to explain its own article.

But firstly to the explanatory article is not a real article, but rather a Beinaheaphorismus. (Aphorisms one may not explain well known.)

I wrote under the title "From Blog to Lall":

"Blog is stupid. Therefore he hot Lall. "

This is about sovereignty and sustainable applied sociolinguistics as a serious necessary Defendolinguistik, rigid precise Bello linguistics.

(Note also to the following Kommentarstrang: https://unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de/2013/05/23/verlogene-obergranatenerzarschlocher-ii/#comments )

Moreover, in principle, an important, often too little attention stratagem. That fact, which reads: "Ridiculed? Set more than one better! " (more ...)

Scumpire "trash Empire"?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grade I learned a sleek new English word: "scumpire".

It comes obviously from "scum" (scum) and "empire" (empire).

It is intended to mean, well, that opens up by itself.

How could it mean in German?

"Trash Empire"? "Schandreich"? "Schindreich"?

Flashmob: "Lightning Rotte"?

Monday, November 26, 2012

About the new term "cash mob" it occurred to me that I do not even "flashmob" a German word for know one thing that I at least when a fairly significant social phenomenon described is not easy to sit back, at least for me, on me leave.

I find no reasonable, the already introduced, so I have to invent one.

At least try.

So I came because to "lightning rotting." (more ...)