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Syria has secret weapons?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I have just found on SPON to shoot down a Turkish fighter pilot in front of the Syrian coast, the following, in combination very bizarre snippet:

"According to a Turkish TV report search teams have located the wreckage of the fighter jets. Accordingly, the aircraft is 1300 meters deep in Syrian waters. "

"After the presentation of Turkish plane was shot down in international airspace after it was inadvertently briefly invaded Syrian airspace."

I beg your pardon? Huh?

Even if the Turkish war plane would only be penetrated "unintentionally" in Syrian airspace, was afterwards shot down in international airspace, ("after ...!") As you are, it can then in Syrian waters into its flooded?

Did the Syrians about Rückholschussraketen?

Ansaugabschussanlagen? (more ...)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes I think that people have no idea of ​​war.

Maybe I'm "better" it.

Even as a child severely injured you get it maybe not so easily out of my head like others, what is suffering.

Probably because this type them lacking wealth, they go, these Gutbürger, apart from their cowardice and their displacement addiction, rather raced against a train station for months on a regular basis as they took to the road, against a war. (more ...)

Libya war: Racist massacre - Super victory of NATO

Tuesday 06 September 2011

Who hinschaute a bit more precisely, the has long been known that the Libyan "rebels" her - NATO - campaign against Gaddafi backed not only with racist slogans, but from the beginning to the fatal shooting of Black Africans, mostly innocent migrant workers, all massacres, in their agenda softcover.

Yes, but you you had to take a closer look, because in the NATO-sheep media was not much to it.

Meanwhile, let the matter no longer hold under the blanket, neither for the "diplomacy" or to the NATO-media.

See z. Example here .

That a veteran jihadists, once deported from Western services from Bangkok to Libya, Tripoli was taking, the accused now those very services of the previous Folterkomplizentums with Gaddafi, of course, is a very special curiosity.

How stupid you have to actually be? (more ...)

World War II Driver

Monday, February 28, 2011

Once again, the link to the world warmongers the Springer press:


If a prosecutor read this, is hereby expressly stated that he maintained a public complaint of a Offizial offense.

I have indeed no Dr. jur. swindled, as our defense minister, but knows very well that the request for a criminal offense is itself a criminal offense. (more ...)

The enemies tributary

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just read an article of the Guardian to take again the was (the thing as such has long been known) that the Afghan Taliban and other warlords levy hefty tolls for virtually all US-logistics-transportation, which are Alleweil paid good and if not constitute the main source of income for this one.

100,000 NATO soldiers did not even create, to earn 300 miles of the Afghan main road from Kabul to Kandahar itself, let alone the supply route through the Khyber Pass and other important traffic routes of the country.

I would like to know in this context, how much of my money, the Bundeswehr, it was far below the Trantüte young or now under the jagged zu Guttenberg, has paid monthly to the enemy tribute or paid to the shithouse paper to pork rifle (more ... )

War lies

Tuesday 06 October 2009

I am firmly convinced that you just told us from the real problems of NATO forces in Afghanistan by at most half.

Replenishment, broken vehicles, shortage of doctors, the marshy choice, drugs, weapons verscherbelte by so-called Afghan security forces, defectors those ...

Even this top-notch McChrystal is now with Obama himself together rattled because he too unasked and significantly far more men demanded, since you do not would gain otherwise.

With hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been there just only a 6.5 square kilometers; is little, if people are traditionally unruly.

Forty thousand more, who wants the General, it will not align.

The Messiah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have a new task for the Hollywood hero after me whose masturbatorisch-imaginary Nazischlächterei now hanging out the neck and I sake it reports only the time history of ideas obligation nor regularly.

Morning is not only cinema premiere for the behind-the-lines-butcher in Germany, but, as any archdevils has decided it will be held the election in Afghanistan inglouriösen in which brave American partisans can now considering whether they prefer to scalp the voices buyers of the President or his adversaries. (more ...)

The Ring of Death

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Western "peace policy" rushes from failure to failure.

One could also say that the war policy of the NATO goes from strength to strength.

As you look at it.

Even if one may view the Balkans as pacified, follow to the east of the "Palestinian conflict", as the carnage and the local land grab called so much, the "Kurdish conflict", or better the Kurdish conflict in at least three countries (Turkey, Iraq and Iran), the Iraq war with recently turn many stop dead, the secret war of the USA against Iran by terrorist groups and covert operations, the war in Afghanistan, always broadening de-, so that the war in Pakistan, with two million refugees alone from the Swat Valley, not to mention the civil unrest in Tibet recently and now in Xinjiang, the war in Nepal.

Oh, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Georgia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, I leave accidentally north on the mental ride to the east; yes and the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan is presently only tense but calm.

"Background" Nepal follow Burma (more ...)