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Mehmet and Rudi (a summary)

Friday, January 10, 2014

The gay transgender Mehmet Ükcü has last Friday Rudi Brehme, who, "a fanatical Straight" that once was, as he outed himself, ecclesiastical geehelicht. The bisexual Protestant pastor of Bischweiler had tears in his eyes as he ("a sign," said Mehmet the press) was able to bless the miracle.

The father of his country, Mr. K. had himself represented by its Minister of Culture, but promised that this would feed event exemplified not only in the social studies books of the country.

"So even the primary school children will learn in the future, unlike yesterday and that marriage can be more than just something sacred between man and woman."

The Green parliamentary group has unanimously decided that the nonprofit "All are Mehmet" Foundation to call into being. (Rumor has it that she had not colluded with the SPD, to which, as we had been told earlier, behind your back "a reinzuwichsen".)

The FDP babbles, and the CDU knows how nowadays, nothing to say about the social modernization of the country.

The association "lesbians in the Southwest", however, has filed a complaint against the Minister of Culture and demanded his immediate dismissal.

"The Minister of Education has undoubtedly discriminated against female homosexuality in an intolerable manner, calling them, this all-male event celebrating, not even mentioned." Thus, the core set of reasons.

The association "Gay Muslims in Germany" expressed his outrage. Mehmet is a Muslim, then still grown Fatima, to suggest an apostate so, which had been used by the state government in the most perfidious manner to that Islam is obvious lifestyles intolerant. That the marriage had also taken place on a Friday, was another, more intolerable affront.

A real tirade came "eV other generals" from: "We can not understand why no Bundeswehr nationals in dress uniform, at least one woman captain or woman Sergeant Major, invited to the ceremony and was honored accordingly. Constantly being family, spoken by improving the acceptance of the armed forces, their better integration into society, but they are the face of this unprecedented scandal obviously just empty words. Around the world, we must bleed and die for those who marginalize us and disregard. For spiritual and moral traitor. "

Even the teachers' union was not entirely happy with the event.

Their spokeswoman, Frauke Himmelstoß said, rather indignantly: "We would have wished that the Minister of Education had loaded a couple of gay and lesbian teachers on the outing, even a few of those who are daily in the school at the front, publicity the to shake hand: That would be a real signal for all students and all colleagues have been. "

Also, some media engraving sparkled.

For example, the Stuttgarter Zeitung, in a feature article ("culture areas in the state under control?") By Timo Treitschke: "One puzzling in some circles in the southwest on, which is why the Minister of Education has not even set an official reception of the couple. Why were not you at least a little child and folk festival? "

The Frankfurter Rundschau: "There was a general invitation to the regional and national press, but not even a travel allowance for our editor Felicitas von Rosenberg. The greed drives the Swabians So even then, when it finally comes to social to be or not. "

A YouTube video of Google has been locked.

A young (extreme right?) Comedy troupe ("The Anonymous Anusse") - here several criminal charges of sedition - had movies on the web and the spread in the school playground at lightning speed.

Also of copyright heedless, the perpetrators had bawled to the tune of Helge Schneider's new hit, "What is going on in this country? All people anschwulen go, but I do not! But I have no queerness! Queerness I only like when it is far away! "

Cheeky Fortunately for these hate criminals, so lawyers that they should be tried as a juvenile yet. If they are not in right-wing extremist compounds are converted so good defenders like they can still bang out on probation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice is working on a template, such as the distribution of the video, youth culture can be now found under special punishment.

Particularly problematic here: Also twelve- and thirteen-year-old, so criminal responsibility children, it spread masse. It must also fall playing punishable. And be especially considered whether the parents can not be held liable in this case, or lowered the age of criminal responsibility.

In Stuttgart government district is already biting meanwhile something on the lips. "Des was oifach sauschlechd vorbereided, son of man!" - Should the father of his country, in small groups, have very violent, growling his way älblerische.

Meanwhile, it is, enjoy the textbook publishers. You expect with new issues that will be replaced by more new spending.

The Minister of Education will have to learn. Two or three such media appearances, and he is sacked from the LV and afterwards sunk by his comrades in any Station hole.

Bilderbergers, women, Sheep Media

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bilderbergers are sheep media as inviolable as evil women.

Without Schmerzphon

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I ask all readers to apologize that there were repeated technical problems in the last few days and therefore visit this page was temporarily unavailable.

I think that's true as well of the latest funny but just sit therefore one better. (more ...)

In the Praeternachpostmoderne

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The previous article " Non-seller "was once again a reason to question what one could still make such extent or ridicule.

This time it was not about the living dead to Fukushima or a shooting war, but about the global Finanzabranz.

Undoubtedly, it is always difficult to know at such things, where reasonably draw the line.

But I think that we have to defend the right of art, satire, with verve.

We may soon namely worry about anything just jokes. In addition to men, German, straight people, Christians, carnivores, the FDP and a few people.

You can be killed, come to court and possibly in jail, or even ruin society. (more ...)