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Save pharmaceutical industry! Dead tax and penalty tax for Healthy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost even more pity than with the poor banks that we have to save regularly in order to survive, I have with the pharmaceutical industry.

In Germany, for example, we completed the sale of antidepressants - as I read just - can not even whole to increase by half between 2007 and 2011.. Nevertheless, not even two billion daily doses per year.

After all, when amphetamine - the kids drug - methylphenidate you came in the last 15 years, probably from kilos to tons. A drop in the ocean, however.

Really shameful that you have the beer and the wine is not forbidden in this drab questionable situation.

Millions more went to the doctor, where they finally belong, this overdue measure would finally implemented. Why do we have an EU?

Some psychiatric hospitals, also are chronically understaffed, even the damned patient rights, especially against medication, were theoretically at least strengthened. This can make an already fear.

Even the Novartis share faltering now. They rose last year from 46 to 58 degrees times Euros! Who sack but also, to make a living?

Will people not finally rapidly sicker, so that the smaller manufacturers could soon be the death knell straight.

After all, a small ray of hope, the hemp prohibition still holds to some extent. Just imagine what would happen if that too would fall. Hemp is much too cheap, as that the people should give him instead wirtschaftsförderlicheren drugs. Pull hemp is easier than cabbage or tomatoes. Horribly, it just that everyone should think.

How many doctors would be as likely to be unemployed? How many pharmacies went bankrupt?

And only the psychiatrist. At the close they would out of sheer despair nor Scientologists. Or even worse. Perhaps the same terrorists. Unincorporated well on top of that.

Even the campaign, go to a check-up every week, grab, especially in men, not as they should. Where to but every time, if you look only good, something will!

The people, many in any case, are already an evil rabble. I'm sorry that I have to be so clear. Let the growth industry in itself simply die mercilessly.

Eat the garlic, olive oil, easy drinking red wine. Saboteurs. Volkswirtschaftsvernichter.

Some of them were even years not the doctor. Which give a fuck if doctors have to live under the bridge, receptionists on the line. Social parasites. Drecksgesocks.

Yes, the situation is desperate.

How should the industry for a living somehow patch, panthenol and iodine ointment? That's not even enough for the first two weeks in January. Deibel well.

If it which would bring the whole rabble would abolish.

Unfortunately, however, is who is dead not sick.

Since nature has made a fatal mistake.

It therefore needs a permanent death tax.

And a penalty tax for Healthy.

Otherwise it is not.

Valium and Ritalin in the crib!

Haldol in the nursery!

No school without antidepressant!

No job without weekly doctor's visit!

No tenure without medical psychotherapy!

Damn you!

Somehow this will be yet get added!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today I made me a bit about benzodiazepines. (A coincidence led me back there.)

Valium, probably best known, belongs to this group of drugs.

My dear swan.

These drugs make regular way in a very short time mentally and physically dependent, far from being "just" incipient dementia, especially in the elderly, a normal side effect.

Is that the reason that they are prescribed en masse?

Well over a million people in Germany are to be addictive.

Legal, financed to change brought about by doctors hard drug addiction, mostly anyway.

They are used among other things for alcohol withdrawal, depression, sleep disorders and suicide risk.

A billion dollar business.

And even yet the withdrawal is very often exactly produce what should be fought before. Plus X.

The goat made hundreds of thousands of gardeners.

I probably would have been prescribed such Gezeugs in no time, I would have been so stupid after the death of my wife due to my not exactly cheerful overall mood to go to the doctor.

Given what I've read it, I wonder how a responsible doctor can prescribe something, he wofern is not the very last sheet anchor looks. Would probably be even more clean heroin "healthier" than that.

Man chases world still pothead, and cheers to the people en masse pure.

Children with problems methylphenidate (an amphetamine), the adult benzodiazepines.

A rogue who thinks evil of it.

FAZ: ADHD invented disease

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Ritalin is a pill against an invented disease, the disease to be a difficult boy. More and more guys get the diagnosis. The pill makes them smooth, docile, quiet and dependent. "

With these words begins with the title "Ritalin for ADHD - Where the Wild Things lived" the best article on the subject of ADHD and methylphenidate (Ritalin), which I read in a German mass media in fifteen years of employment with it. (more ...)

Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I would like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn it is not about you now must tell the truth.

9/11 it is not, it's almost all is said, except in the media sheep.

The NPD it is not about the writing of the Constitution as protection enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not, because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I know myself well there not.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about it.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)

Didactics and poison

Monday, May 04, 2009

This afternoon I had two 14-year-old student from good parents houses, in which at least have studied the fathers. On the edge of English teaching I came to the Celts to talk and soon realized that neither of them had a clue about real students of what it should be at all.

Then I asked her if she would after all have heard of Slavs. Again, no idea.

Well, there were only boys, you might say, and that virtually all of today are uneducated, no matter what type of school trying to look after them, knows by now a Each. (more ...)