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Of mental defense: An outlook

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I just came across a very good SZ-Item to collection of "metadata only" through the "services".


Many lies are for telephone and Internet surveillance is no longer desired. We not only know how effective the depth to which the evaluators are.

Time, therefore, to make himself even worry about whether it (practically all) are forms of surveillance and data collection, perhaps in conjunction with mental and / or physical manipulation, against the target persons, of whom we do not even have secured customer .

To what extent, for example, can be physiological functions, including brain waves, possibly also on distance (not just at the morons that a bracelet for install) influence, measure unnoticed?

After all the brain research already know a thing about it when which brain areas such as networked, excited, used in what way and for what task. In addition, not bad when you know that the patient can and weakness, you also so weaken him quite above suspicion, ill make it murder.

Speculation about HAARP, all kinds of waves of all possible frequencies and types abound. Secured hardly.

This leads meaning that people who actually or allegedly victims of genuine arrival and assault with eg microwave technology (since it seems pretty clear that people can "roast" through walls, already with quite simple equipment), if only because the madness can be driven close to or in it, because they will be stamped as paranoid as a case for Psych, they will ask themselves again and again if they can not imagine anything but.

How then can we effectively protect against something that we do not exactly know which multiple (ie, in different forms) may occur which we do not know how it works, whether "it" ever present and at work?

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