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Affair Edathy: Does it get any more absurd?

Monday, February 17, 2014

This really had an article, the comment string to read worthwhile.


How absurd is the affair Edathy get?

Is there anything else?

Coming soon the real UFOs? (more ...)

Disk as evidence for the ... A.

Friday, February 14, 2014

If a guy like this Friedrich, who as interior minister a Lügenlakai the Amis, pierces to the SPD leadership that there are investigations into the possible possession of child pornography against one of its deputies, so that this can be warned and most likely will, so that was a crime.

Mommy has noticed all of the course again nothing ...

Course for Mr. Edathy presumption of innocence.

Had But police and prosecutors with him - but still, because of the stupid like a walking stick, or without warning - found such material as would apply to me the presumption of innocence still.

Do I know whether or not certain services have played the stuff on the hard disk to the man, without his noticing? Or if you did this only in retrospect? (more ...)

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XII)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Steinbrück against Merkel only the chance that the wegkracht the FDP and he must perform his Bilderberger job B or C with the Left Party. An outside chance.

Not only that he is intellectually not up to her, her voice, for all phrases that they, too, threshing, the better.

Steinbrück has perhaps really set up only to lose, want him in the event of a grand coalition even as Vice-Chancellor under Merkel.

Diction default, it tries the large chain saw, but it's just one, with which one can ablummeln 1500 Watt, Chinese lollipops from the discounters, a few pine boughs.

As I said, I'm not for Merkel. Maybe better if this prevented Savings Bank Director drankommt, the truck shorter rather than longer painful moves to a necessary new ending. In it, he wants to be even superior to Merkel.

So I'm still not even for Steinbrück. How should I also only have a better idea which US-Satrap is the bottom line cause less damage?

The SPD is, like other parties also, now so nothing like moslem friendly as gay, so feminist and militarily interventionist, because of some Which just aufrechtzuerhaltender or protective rights. Saubande.

About the Greens I speak so well known as not. I was but the other day by an attentive reader pointed out, and he sought it out, I had been reminded about, I believed him simply, it was already late, that I have to those indicated times, you may not offend the rabble, by including it expects.

The FDP is irgendsoein Witzmichwasichweißnichtbiswohin wobbles just as much as possible around for the one that just comes.

The Union is already amazing; it has almost all conservatives and patriots systematically stripped, but there is comparatively good. The AfD has bestowed in no time as Punch event, faster even than the Piratioten.

The Left Party is a kind of modern FDP; one has violently anticlerical and gay and lesbian and feminist and secular weltallgleichmacherisch set forces umseiert simultaneously but Islam, in opposition to Christianity.

What bandits.

There is still the NPD. The Protection of the Constitution Party. Unfortunately, I have to doubt very much entitled to it, that the constitutional protection for true patriots and conservatives and liberals and libertarians and even real total socially responsible Sentient have much left. Each expertise speaks against it.

I will now times German and clear: "THIS is but a Scheißpuff!"

Everywhere on a clear preponderance of sycophants and traitors!

NO MATTER who you choose of which: They will sell you.

None of these parties also announces just what would do naturally in a federal election in their way any serious, namely stand up for Germany.

As I said, I do not expect the NPD now. The Constitution is the so-called protection.

The rest does not even have a donated hair from a ass crack in his pants. Freedom? Was not that Schiller, who knew how to spell the word yet?

And, no, I choose no chance to loose small party pointless protests.

I stand by my call to active boycott of the election.

Politics: Interview with "Harissa"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Luckily I have my first Pöhm been that of the Selt, now behind me.

Time, therefore, to write in prose something "trashy" or very Serious to process the feeling of liberation appropriate.

How about but to warp back to normal business, moved here with a mixture of both, so maybe garbage about serious things?

"Have you said that would Tirke aufschtelle rocket from Daitsche un 'NATO, but Tirke would shoot when Luscht have.

Pirate've wanted EU country, nothing more Daitschland.

The Stone Brick is rascal. But nothing geiebte. No Ausstahlung. KannNix make Leite frehlich. "

"Why can not Steinbrück make people happy? And Merkel, who makes the people but not exactly happy?

"Musstu understand the woman is' much more skilful, can not keep up with Stone Brick."


"The woman much geiebter in slot ear. Although Jingere has much more experience. "

"How is that reflected?" (more ...)

Tragikomikernation Germany

Friday, July 20, 2012

I was in the comment strand to " Dr. Knabenverstümmlerschützerin Merkel, "whether the abstruse submissions of an SPD grandees for girls versus boys circumcision just realized that such people make our country actually a comedian nation, but this Chancellors' word at the beginning was crucial circumcised : Tragikomikernation, read.

Because the thing is especially sad. Or who is he who laughs as happy and relieved about the crude puns stage actors?

Mrs Merkel has made with her spell a huge communication error.

Children protectors as a comedian mocking, that was not helpful, extremely disgusting, Madame Merkehl. (more ...)

"Elites": no plan

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We need no more proof.

For Germany, the Euro-Vergeiselung, for the United States to Detention Act is sufficient.

The dictatorship is there.

Yet but people are not used to this; they want to mainly do not perceive those; they still choose Recorder parties and read the conformist sheep Press, staring Jauch.

Hence arises the question of the next steps. (more ...)

Greeks taxes for German in French

Saturday, May 29, 2010

That leaves a spit away: French banks rehabilitate himself via ECB with German money:


Wen you should first lock, Trichet, Schaeuble or Merkel?

High losses

Monday, October 05, 2009

In Afghanistan, an outpost of the Americans was nearly overrun after a nearby police station had been taken by the rebels.

McChrystal's new strategy, not only herumzubomben, but to distribute his men on the surface, showing their Achilles heel.

Small garrisons can be just easier attacked as large fortified camp.

The former commander of secret assassination squads in Iraq will still have to come up with something.

Perhaps Merkel and Westerwelle of the General commanding yes from the front: you demonstrated on Khyber Pass against burqas, and it operates on the flat land in Kunduz yet further sexual education.

Stupid question?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Only to wish someone success that not supported?

Away from the philosophical question: I will not choose the Steinmeier, but he is to me still better than the Merkel.

Merkel Risks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The STAR-journalist Hans-Ulrich Jörges said this week, Merkel would actually prefer to continue to govern with the SPD as the FDP, for they knew well that it would be easier to distribute the necessary atrocities to the people.

I think the man is right.

However, the physicist could have charged it, and they got to be with this präponderanten, scraped Westerwelle drive because it has so often said, she was willing and the rich voices; otherwise it can just Steinmeier also provide, no matter how.

It's actually a little more fun to look at the circus; I look forward to the ring on Sunday between six and seven clock.

Steinmeier's Magic Bus

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steinmeier has moved.

Still a few days ago he had described it as counterproductive to give a specific date for withdrawal for Afghanistan, even that of former Chancellor Schröder brought into play date of 2015 was in the SPD as too ambitious - that at least five more years of war than too little.

Now Steinmeier calls itself 2013 as the target. This is somewhat surprising, because until now it was always assumed at least 10 years dying with the Hindu Kush; but again it is not so surprising, since in two weeks, federal election, and then the matter can simply make again more difficult than one would have thought of before, so everything normal.

However, Steinmeier is no political novice: He knows most likely very well that can develop a debate with momentum here, he has opened a hogshead, (more ...)

Fight the war liars

Monday, September 07, 2009

Trittin, the long beanpole of the Greens want the Afghanistan war "concrete benchmarks" (German he speaks rather not) with respect to the trigger, but of course, as well Steinmeier, who calls for a concrete roadmap, please without an appointment, which the latter so begündet so have only played into the hands of the Taliban.

They want it so absolutely concretely, at the same time but please do not concretely. (more ...)

We have ... uh ... the Merkel

Thursday, September 03, 2009

"We have the youth. We have the ideas. We have the experience. We have the people. We have the power ": Maybe I after once seeing the CDU spots forgotten something, the CDU Germany has, but unfortunately I do not feel the real joy of the power of the CDU.

Also the spot with Merkel is a kind of political tearjerker, which is located just millimeters from the involuntary satire.

In both movies not made ​​a single concrete statement as policy is designed to, (more ...)

Sons of bitches

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Richard Holbrooke, Obama's Afghanistan-supervisor, explained with respect to the massive fraud in the country: "electoral irregularities are part of a democracy." (FAZ today)

The man really has humor leased as equanimity. All electoral fraud in the world will take custody of the quotation from an authoritative source so pleased in Schatzkistlein, all allegations against Iran dissolve so according to US-standards in air.

This democracy Recipe for despots and tyrants but of course applies unfortunately only for those that are agreeable to America, the rest is out of luck. (more ...)

Merkel hides and laughs lafo

Monday, August 31, 2009

Now Merkel seems to make the first serious error. At yesterday's election night, the last real litmus test before the election, is La Grande Dame did not look easy, as they have nothing to do with the disastrous results of their CDU in Saarland and Thuringia.

The military is called such behavior cowardice before the enemy; (more ...)

Opium's also enough

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Under the title "The sad hero of Malagi" (now on stern.de) describes a journalist named Christoph Reuter, currently Kabul, larmoyant-accusatory, like a small village near Kunduz in which almost happened to be a high Taliban leader was asked whether his heroism will now shamefully not protected by the Bundeswehr.

Dear Mr. Reuter, the Bundeswehr can not play at night with their low quota handful to five man village guards in the Afghan Wallachia - should I say unfortunately?

If you do not know this, so I wonder why such a naive journalist occurs for a prestigious site as a war correspondent.

Should the know, however, as I believe you, so I'm wondering what you want to achieve with the unjust accusation against the Bundeswehr.

If you is mine, the Bundeswehr would need an additional 50 000 troops for the Kunduz area, then you would have to take Mr. Young and Ms. Merkel targeted and not innocent soldiers.

Let's just assume that you have not thought a lot about this, Mr. Reuter, that would be the most discreet solution. (more ...)

A war that can not be

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

According to Jung Verteidigungsminster the Bundeswehr is currently with tanks, mortars and Allied air support in Kunduz on the offensive, because in August next democratic presidential elections in Afghanistan are secure.

Only these choices are taken already gone basically. The majority of votes has been sold or bought. But that makes the German Defense Minister who wants to still talk of a war under any circumstances, only by "stabilization measures", of course not.

I also read some months ago, it was very strange that the Afghan election was scheduled just for the month of August. For just this month stood the Taliban by far the most fighters available, since the radical Islamic madrassas (religious schools) in Pakistan have at this time the summer holidays and their students therefore time, instead of spreading the Koran muttering with the Kalashnikov.

Truly a rogue who thinks evil of it. (more ...)

G8 summit: The sun is not asked

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The mathematical geniuses from IPCC (IPCC) have determined that global warming should be by the end of the century compared to pre-industrial times below two degrees and equal by calculated how much carbon dioxide emissions must be limited by the people, not to exceed this critical level.

As a sub-heading of an article of the first page of the FAZ because I saw today regarding climate heroes of the G8 summit in L'Aquila, Italy: "industrial and emerging economies set a binding ceiling of global warming." (!!!)

I have only therefore not splash out laughing because I take seriously the old fashioned Silentium bid in a library reading room.

Was not mentioned in the following Unfortunately, as our caring statesmen Terra moved early in tough night negotiations by the degassed champagne at a blind eye to back down, all her obligations imposed to meet compulsory by making tolerate inter alia, no volcanoes, plants, the more growth thanks to increased carbon dioxide concentration by will make it impossible for anything else nutrient removal so that they can not be eaten by even more climate-kill border ruminants and various other difficult points of the contract. (more ...)

Stone Schröder

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Before I heard an excerpt of the speech of Foreign Minister and SPD chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the party the Social Democrats in Berlin Estrel Hotel.

He sounded as if he had previously intentionally 30 Marlboros and six fünfundvierzigprozentige (D) revenge killer inveigled so proletarian decided to sound as once his mentor Schröder.

He tried aufzuschrödern, and except that the last syllable, which I heard, was clearly too soft (which the Gerd rather not happening), he squat-made and certainly not so bad. (more ...)

Peace Chancellor

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just saw an election infomercial and was pretty sure that they could only be of the SPD, but not quite.

And lo and behold, she was of the CDU, which only lit up but, as you were the Chancellor angesichtig.

The whole spot is quite formidable made on social and justice and to the left, with a touch of europaseligem patriotism which expresses itself through an ever-looming federal flag with a "WE" on it.

A concrete message, except that Europe was great (I also think like me except my home, the North Sea islands just as well as the Italian Riviera, when I get there there times) was not otherwise be heard.

But I would also not expect otherwise in a war party against the other factions like the SPD, the Greens and the FDP is afraid and wants to incapacitate us by the Lisbon Treaty nor on. (more ...)

Party Politics II

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Chancellor wanted to visit the camp Faizabad, the outpost of our soldiers just before the Chinese-German border in lovely Afghanistan, supposedly the weather was too bad for it.

A garrison, which can not even be reached by the Supreme Commander of the total force due to bad weather, is a plant whose occupants on the pure grace of heaven and are instructed by their Besatzten. But the interested yes no, not even the responsible superior officers, who should be brought before a court martial because of the obvious and continuing violation of their duty of care to their front-line soldiers in any rational controlled army.

Meanwhile, after all, is the NPD as good as bankrupt by probably similar things operating as once the CDU love, just as always without their proverbial good fortune (more ...)

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