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Childlessness as caring and social prowess?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I am certainly not about wondering, because I'd have to really wonder constantly when people complain the loudest lack of social cohesion, proud of them report that they were childless, want to put into this verkackte world and certainly no children, because it were only doing idiots who cynically deliver their offspring to this system, rather than to spare him a life here the same, as the conscious, decent people, ie those like them, do exemplary.

As a teenager, yet indoctrinated completely one-sided, I saw the still similar. I have forgiven this misstep sometime.

Now we read and hear such but regularly from people who have readily achieved thirty or more; usually there are men.

Now it may at those old fathers would not even by today's standards, sometimes also be because they have had bad experiences with the opposite sex (I speak here of biological paternity) and so sublimate their frustrations.

Mature (45+), however, do not seem rarely ex post to justify their childlessness so that it was indeed been her own wise and right decision to testify no offspring.

There are also older, so really are quite satisfied with their lives. Thereby probably safe (why, but when everything is getting colder and brutal neo-liberal?) That they provide and maintain (the "Company") at the age before anyone would even if they themselves can not pay for it, and otherwise not have a bar have done to ensure that this is possible. (You get me to not only the high tax burden for those without children. On the pun, I'm not guarantees.)

Of course, no one is sure to condemn that he intentionally wants no offspring. But how can one seek thus to increase or morally, allzumal when he demands more of "society" rather than less commonality and solidarity? (more ...)