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Genesis Hominis Göllerens

Friday, March 16, 2012

Only humans invented themselves as speaking. So be shared skills. Then he started a fire. This displeased the gods greatly. Then he became an artist. Finally, he invented the font. Since then, the gods know not him to deal with.

From the down overcoats

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The sad-laughable-stupidest accusation I have ever, and not infrequently, be is me in my life was that I wanted to pointlessly save the world.

Sometimes it was only Germany that was rubbed me in this sense, as supposedly helpless-dreamy Tropfe under the nose.

Well, folks, what should I else want?

About a Golf with 180 hp?

A private helicopter with three chicks drinne?

Money that even the Rothschilds are pale? (more ...)

Homo Tierophant

Thursday, April 28, 2011

After I lately to mosquitoes (whose special organs), camels and goats (their skills in defense), sheep (because of the Bible and the media), horses (because of their flying skills), reptiles (because of their introgression into our genome ) and have taken care of all kinds of aliens (because of their conspiracies), the person should come in his presumed archetype for language again now once.

This is in fact, if you really want to be honest animal, a cross between a crazed bull and a willing Bache, and behave according to his descendants.

White deer, as he has managed to be completely Come on dog Lemming his instincts, blind fish like mole of mind, so long to survive.

Parrot detention, he basks in his own Nachsprech, black like a pig, toad, green, seegurkenrot, blattlausgelb. (more ...)

Aphorism of human possibilities

Friday 08 April 2011

We are capable of anything.

Aphorism of human reality

Friday 08 April 2011

Our technical development is severely hampered our intellectual laughable.

From the positive traumatized people II

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra already lost than twenty-four year old in the naval battle of Lepanto, the force of an arm, he got even in enemy captivity, where he had to fear every day around his head.

Many years later, literary still not successful, as the age of fifty, practically already an old man at that time, he wandered into the prison of Seville, allegedly for embezzlement of public funds, for five years, actually an almost certain death sentence.

But there he lived among felons probably not only by virtue of his facing the mind, but it seemed to him the idea of ​​Don Quixote, the so seemingly crazy as pointless knight-errant, who was henceforth to beguile the whole world.

In the last robber hole is a genius gave birth. (more ...)

Ecce Homines

Saturday 09 October 2010

I am tired of twenty reports, set thirty videos here, showing how the Gulf of Mexico is still being systematically poisoned with Corexit. Simply make rense.com if you are interested in the matter.

Just as the U.S. war machine will die their own soldiers at their own uranium ammunition, is what happens to the poor devils who seek their Seegrab for BP on boats and on beaches shoveling its own grave.

Hardly anyone takes notice. There, as here.

If in a questionable Stuttgart rail project is pulled, then go Green, left, and honest conservatives on the road; good thing; but what else?

The positive aspect of such developments at Stuttgart 21 is that citizens begin to wonder how things stand in the state of Denmark. Are thus open for further questions.

I prefer now distributed in Stuttgart palace garden (more ...)

People breeding

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It has managed to grow a whole human subspecies.

It is the downfall Eckensteher, where you hardly passes by, wants to tackle urgent problems.

Her Majesty is to do nothing to stand in her corner and "everything is meaningless" secrete.

Not a few of those was even trained some sense, that they told the Publiko why everything is lost anyway so that's no longer worth while to seek solutions beyond one whatsoever catastrophic section.

No, only one goal befleißige be such useless activities. (more ...)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And another thing: The man has settled from animals through art, not science.

Each monkey tried everything to get a banana and still considered Wherefore, as best he can: but he does not even painted banana pictures just like that.

Only where it no longer follows the purpose, you will be human.


Friday, September 25, 2009

As a single parent you feel when you have not just got all day for the kids or the grandparents are there or enough money for God knows what and so really is the time, always guilty. (more ...)