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From the down overcoats

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The sad-laughable-stupidest accusation I have ever, and not infrequently, be is me in my life was that I wanted to pointlessly save the world.

Sometimes it was only Germany that was rubbed me in this sense, as supposedly helpless-dreamy Tropfe under the nose.

Well, folks, what should I else want?

About a Golf with 180 hp?

A private helicopter with three chicks drinne?

Money that even the Rothschilds are pale? (more ...)

Why rülpset and not furzet her?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Any Spökenkiekerfritzen occurred highly important to Bonn on the Rhine and have stated that in 2050, according to their calculations (!) 700 million people out of droughts and floods and I do not know what would be even (perhaps to good weather?) Forced to flee when the with the Klimakillerei so on would.

These kinds Angstmachergesockse earned a lot of money with it and it appears completely unsecured forecast to blow in the Fürchterlichkeitsanus prominently in the news, the human race.

In this case (see, for example. In the network times the contributions by Klaus Eckart pulse) all CO2 greenhouse sauce is so questionable as ever, but this wind, drought and Rainmaker verspröttern undaunted their would-be disasters. (more ...)