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Physics: It may not be what is.

Monday 22 April 2013

About the speed of light, atoms below zero Kelvin, superconductivity by K3C60, time zero crossings of individual electrons, ie, infinite speed: I wonder how much still needs to be shown to the common physical dogmas last fall. I know, however, why they should not fall. (more ...)

From Scherbenzertreter

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Yesterday I had to take harsh criticism.

For over a year I went too much with the cleaver around very often on poor hitting three religions, my aphorisms them all together to be mostly underground.

Hardly even though I wrote Beautiful, edifying, Hinanführendes. And if it vorkomme once, go into the all the cynicism and sarcasm around it in so that it can hardly perceive. I would occur only shards, there are already enough of those, even smaller, alswelches a vain, useless, especially as inexpensive art.

My objection to the extent that I think it is a necessary work to do, because I do not see that it would otherwise do so sufficiently, helped a little. Also transgressors small shards give it Genung.

Well at least I feel honored to the effect (you have to make the best of everything), that the hauptbehuflichen Scherbenzertreter but apparently trusts, to something else. Otherwise I would have probably not asked to do it.

In fact, however, the criticism contains truth, about religious and esoteric fuss I have been so often, so hard, even redundant (I confess myself in pedagogy quite shamelessly to the principle of repetition, although here also must exercise a degree), hergemacht that I will support reduces this area. (I had prior to the sharp criticism even have the feeling that it is now so that once a long time. Insofar wore my critics, as he likes to call it, legs of lamb to mutton castle.)

It is also clear that, at least if one proceeds as I, Picking up on these things constantly hurt personal feelings, for everyone likes to do that in a text or a different set this effect and if not in that text, so in another. So, that almost only this particular record or a part of execution is perceived, the rest around it hardly. It turns away. (more ...)

Wrong is right. And really is evil. (II)

Friday 25 January 2013

A few weighings for first article .

Really is, so is evil who seeks a geopolitical agreement with China and Russia.

Wrong, so really, is that Brzezinski Doktin to follow, the first of these two powers to encircle and finally plunged into chaos set to destroy the factory.

Really is, so that is unjust, not only will the differences between the sexes not to abolish but ignored, even underestimated, says of those.

Wrong, so really, is to promote the egalitarianism of the sexes to their mental and physical infertility and finally destruction. (more ...)

Wrong is right. And really is evil.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

I again me thinking about the set forth by Jon Rappoport made ​​(German translation by me) destruction of logic. (To Jon's English-language original articles directly here .)

Not only that, as he shows, an idea, an idea, a concept, therefore, sight unseen, can be damn unchecked because it comes from an unpleasant person: the matter goes further.

For example, many animal rights activists and vegetarians have, without even having personally insulted or attacked or invaded the stables ever a pig, must listen that Hitler had indeed been a vegetarian.

Not only that, some was already directly insulted as a Nazi, Hitler, as well as vegetarians.

And: Can I now that I'm not a vegetarian, it is impossible to be a Nazi? (Why should that be a stupid question?)

And: In fact, the Nazis in 1933 adopted the first animal protection law, campaigned for conservation. Should we abolish the welfare again why? As many species eradicated?

In the United States of "conservatives" (see, call themselves usually so), even some "libertarians", often a line from the German Natonalsozialismus drawn to animal and environmental groups (including those who do not undergo climate atrocity propaganda, only against nuclear power are or fracking, genetically modified seeds, etc.).

So you have to also be against the animal protection for nuclear power, Monsanto corn, every day, eat three chips so as not to stand as a Nazi? (It is my way not aware that would have been between 1933 and 1945 anyone except to the onset disaster of war, forced into Germany, to become a vegetarian. I do not even know of a great propaganda campaign of because eating meat is "un-Aryan" . "un" or the like, but it should have been, so I will of course correct this nachreichend here.)

Clear that environmentalists now - still mad? Insult supporters of Monsanto & Co called "Gennazis" people who reject the climate alarmist Al Gore & Co. as "Climate Nazis" -. (Monsanto has "national" nothing to do with the least, just as little as the Klimakatastropheten the contrary, international, there is hardly any respect, it would be, though -.. Although the appeal of something strange - as "Geninternazis" respectively "Air Inter Nazis" to . designate)

Clear (yes: CLEAR!) That the comparison of "climate deniers" (such as if one denies the existence of climate) with "Holocaust deniers" has been pulled and is often. (more ...)

Matrix Programming 101: destroy logic (by Jon Rappoport)

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Courtesy of the American writer and journalist Jon Rappoport below an article by him in German translation by me.

The content is - even if country-specific references, of course, play an important role - in my opinion have on our relations in Germany, so at least Western Europe, transferable. You may safely assume that I had good reasons to ask for permission in German translation as well as a document of the same here. Thank you for approval once again to Jon. (Thanks Jon!)

For English-language original can be found here . ("Matrix programming 101: Destroy logic")

Matrix Programming 101: destroy logic

By Jon Rappoport

10th January 2013


Once, at medieval universities, new students enrolled in the Trivium. It was the basic curriculum. It was required. His part consisted of grammar, logic and rhetoric.

Grammar: the internal structure of the language, and the parts of speech, and the correct match of parts of speech.

Logic: the valid and invalid connections in the course of an argument, the method correctly reasoning, the deductive connecting links of a chain, at the end of which stands a conclusion.

Rhetoric: oral presentation, and the use of language to create a case, the ability to convince himself faced with a counter-argument.

Today, the technical subject matter of the trivium is not only downplayed. He was shattered.

This article revolves around the death of logic. (more ...)

Sheep media: "quality media"?

Tuesday 24 November 2009

For some time now I hear in various publications in the network, to the media, which are mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon world in general "mainstream media" (MSM), are critical of, as a term for those the word "quality media".

This choice I can, as applied not to follow, because the label that often meant to be mocking up quite contemptuously, now appears only here with me then at least in the quotes offered: but otherwise it is the disrespect meant somehow explain itself.

I therefore advise those who, like me often, mirror, FAZ, World, Taz, etc. may not be quite green, among other things with respect to their coverage of the war or the treatment of swine flu or the Air sauce to reconsider this appellative again.

Who would not take my word "media sheep" for the relevant bodies to whom I am bound near unerfragt to logically position or at least ingenious example to use quotation marks.

"Gelding media", "media ox", "Eunuchenmedien" would bring course without highlighting incisive character after all.

However, it may not yet fully appreciate smelling Nietzschean ovinköttelig also the rustic image of Castrated awareness, which I offer something more delicate the "Mediven".

Aphorisms XXII

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Christianity is among the Abrahamic religions, the most illogical: Is it for this reason - in the meantime - the friendliest people?