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Wakes up every day a linker on ... (II)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Really wakes up every day just a linker?

Well, one or the other might. But usually one fears so much from the spiritual consequences of waking up that you would rather have something left in the Halbdämmer.

The rights have their different styles fears.

You could do a false proposition. Prior to the public, their environment, the prosecutor.

Yes, my dear linker when you wake up, which can very quickly lead to the loss of a considerable part of your circle of friends by themselves. Quite even worse. Remember that you so far, quite different from the rights were not used, or a bit more than a little special treatment, not to say, pursuing to be.

I know very well why you want to sleep better or remain in Halbdämmer; You work closely with the monster that you fight you imagining; and though for a long time; and the admit, this is truly not easy.

The rights you have now already ahead too much.

Many of them are also sold already or on the glues.

Then you trust some games, Left!

Just looking full-rim solidarity purely down, dude!

Full exemption, this time for men, bro!

Not the monkeys of the priest, dude!

You belong but actually for human elite. You understood that the worst of all Arschgeigen not allowed to rip off decent people at will. Or do you think the rights would have understood that better than you? No? What you lie then there still around, alswie a Opiumist?

Action! The word heard ever? Agitprop! Come on, quick, get up, this time it's not just about the proletarians of all countries!

Oh well. So you do not want. Too strenuous. No, too little accustomed. And the others? You scared to death. A right-left shit against simply time alone to stand up.

Yes, your socialization, I know.

Maybe just start with it at first, imagine you, you were no longer a slave.

Eat everything

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I recently spoke with a senior editor of a national newspaper (now I will not tell whether it was a rather "left" or rather "right", but one of them hit undoubtedly) and explained to him from time to time that I, given me the current German debate on Islam always wonder who is dumber than the "right" or "left." (more ...)

Rinks for anybody else

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Determining parts of the German Left are just as down as the corresponding rights: the former resulting in a promoslemischen wobble, the latter pro-Zionist in one.

Both are sadly ridiculous in themselves and each directed against itself.

Guess which side I am inclined.

Aphorisms 63

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Left Stink is good as right alsviel rights.

Embarrassing unit

Saturday 05 December 2009

At the conclusion of our left but want to see any more women stoned as our rights.

What does this teach us?

Links is too funny

Friday 04 December 2009

I'm starting to get the feeling that the German intellectual Left to know better than myself.

If I did not from time to time, sometimes quite rudely pointed to my wanderings and whether my posts on the comment pages of the "Friday" that I was somehow no decent mainstream Left, I realized it probably even barely.

I read there so many intelligent considerations, especially as always very good German, that sometimes I almost thought a Mörgenröte general reason is eye expects yonder at the dawning, where one who is not ashamed to be a German, it hardly expect could.

I'm still not finally effective bullied because my views on Islam differ slightly from some other participants, although there was any attempt thereat and my "personal destruction" was first announced in advance; and I take this with a special smile, because I have ever hung around me for a while on a "patriotic" side where I am is no longer being permitted because of my uneinseitigen thoughts.

Whether these "Lefts" it those "rights" now in terms of the so-called intolerance, I prefer to call it a lack of freedom of speech want to emulate, to be seen.

The "left" in any case turn to time because of the lack of love of Europeans to Islam often almost collectively by.

'm Curious, what so everything is there.

Aphorisms 52

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The fact that some so-called left to oppose their presumed general emancipatory, especially Frauenbefreiungsimpetus so get excited for a really submissive "tolerance" toward Islam, like their secret longing for Holy Totalitarian rule be owed.

New Center

Thursday, October 01, 2009

If the decent Left understand how they are actually right and vice versa, then we have a real Neue Mitte.

Steinmeier's Magic Bus

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steinmeier has moved.

Still a few days ago he had described it as counterproductive to give a specific date for withdrawal for Afghanistan, even that of former Chancellor Schröder brought into play date of 2015 was in the SPD as too ambitious - that at least five more years of war than too little.

Now Steinmeier calls itself 2013 as the target. This is somewhat surprising, because until now it was always assumed at least 10 years dying with the Hindu Kush; but again it is not so surprising, since in two weeks, federal election, and then the matter can simply make again more difficult than one would have thought of before, so everything normal.

However, Steinmeier is no political novice: He knows most likely very well that can develop a debate with momentum here, he has opened a hogshead, (more ...)

Lots and Loosen

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am considering now to overcome my weaker and for the parliamentary elections to play political Russian roulette, to the front lines of Afghanistan warriors just yet to confront two votes, without that I would be single result clearly to blame.

Of two parties known is known to have used publicly repeated for an early end to German participation in the Afghanistan war.

These two parties to this reasonableness call themselves "The Left" and "National Democratic Party of Germany". (more ...)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Normally I thought yes my mouth, how it is that my.

But since the hitherto largely hinterkulissige cozying up between parts of the left and right (conservatives) has manifested itself publicly now in a joint election rally of Peter Gauweiler (CSU) and Oskar Lafontaine (The Left) highly self on the holy Munich Nockherberg together with its lighthouses, I commit neither to the left nor decent to decent rights betrayal, if I something to say.

First of all, I see this development as very welcome. Several hundred have left drunk in Munich with a few hundred people CSU together a few hundred liters of beer without it to have come only verbally major gaffes. (more ...)