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The Ballad of bramarbassierenden Buhl

Monday, December 30, 2013

To trim the beer as it was this Plaisir me.

Thought accomplished quite uncouth 'laughed.

Methods clear to the bottom of the sod.

Itzo pointed, Knitz, ritz, Pfitz, lightning, spritz.

And round in the mouth entschwund the throat a pound colorful.

In fog under the arcades maggots invite you to swim in flatbread.

Yes, cute, defiant even dirty, twines, thanks planked ohn chagrin the must before the kiss.

Sense'm in; ohn catch and load; never, almost to the Bast, so spat, ackernd, mastgackernd screamed.

Thus came the Dam ', not lame yet tame, Sam', which, as of clay, agreeable, sprang, long held bang, faster, lighter, flash singing.

And the bow, honestly, was, chop, rack, flickflack, nimbly, to the end 'from the Sent' in the parapets and 'not austere, bad, strong, energized, and whoosh, flupp, jahupp, whence after thence we flew.