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Philosopher (in): to a mandatory term?

Monday 03 June 2013

Reader Lisa has once again rolled me in a comment string a nut to crack on this page.


She wrote:

'And no, I would not call myself a "philosopher". This term is mandatory to me .... '

And besides, for use with:

'Magnus, you're right when you say that I occasionally provoke, then, if anyone join in to discuss the provocation. But it is not a strategy, but sometimes it seems necessary to revive a discussion. '

I assume first that Lisa not only, therefore, the term "philosopher" for to mandatory, may not even because she is a woman.

In what way it could be mandatory when someone calls himself a philosopher respectively philosopher?

In the sense of the fact that it is so in a systematic responsible for delivery (within the meaning systematic - strategy - action as well as a system to be delivered) adventure himself? So freedom in action, expression, ultimately forfeited even in thought? Needless unwise attack surfaces would offer the opportunity to be of Gelahrten ridiculous?

After all, I already heard of one who in Heidelberg (herewith at one of the most renowned philosophical faculties worldwide) studied, a man whose mental abilities otherwise I really appreciate that Nietzsche had even been a real philosopher because he was not a closed system . have presented such as Kant (Nietzsche once said that I now quote from memory, he does not trust basically all systematists ... But he also said: "We ... new philosophers") (more ...)

God makes Sägspänen solid girl meat

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Lichtenberg quote from a letter from Osnabrück early autumn of 1772 I do not want to deprive you of:

"... Pumpernickel, however, you can have all since the Westfälinger (thank God that the site is down) pray every day: our men daily pumpernickel Give us this day ... Because pumpernickel you'll hardly and Christmas moose can not eat, it is almost as if one the grain ate raw. I have often tried it and did give me a piece that might contain about 20 Bauer bite. I bit bit with serious expression. Can the bread, as created by God, can not eat the bread of the local peasant girl the beautiful skin, the cheerfulness and the solid meat? I said and started it with my teeth to chew because he lacks. I chewed away, it was horrible, sometimes I came upon chewing into a laugh and gave the rest of the 19 1/2 bites the horses, sometimes I made devout considerations: What must it be for a God who makes the girl meat from these Sägspänen; sometimes the incidence of wanton ... "was (more ...)

Target achieved

Thursday, August 11, 2011

He went idle, stand, sit, lay and died.

If a head against a book comes ...

Monday, 08 July 2011

Georg Friedrich Lichtengebirg.

From the "Small Form"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lichtenberg sought and found, Nietzsche was and demanded: the aphorism as an expression of the Gay Science.

As carter

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sometimes I'm just trying Lichtenberg transfer from the eighteenth and nineteenth Nietzsche from the twenty-first century in our.