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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With my younger son (9) who wants to be an actor, I came yesterday evening to speak on the topic of artists' names, and he also go equally powerful and wrote within a few minutes, take the following as for him in question:

Sorokoni Bobon

Kiro Sosonbon

Joni Kasonnero Mibolen

Simon Rain

Fabio Hobertus

Tim Ronokio

Kaa Sinor

Pitt Baboso

Rock Rubobambole

Kisame Sibobon

Rogono Arinera

Mamamia Sonigo

Seiged Ronirominoraino

Vilino Karinarino

Sodelo Arikusus

Zelonel Karibigkini

Selo Kulikwasi

Hipototelrus Schlembake

Teim Sevekula

Bobobo Roninabo

Then he suddenly had no desire, because the famine was stronger than the desire for poetry.

Greedy as the Father.

We see, however, that even the Japanese comics fantasy smaller Germanic can stimulate quite.