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Muslim honor dignity for NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger

Monday, May 07, 2012

The editors learned just from well-informed sources that the North Rhine-Westphalian Indoor Mini Ster Ralf Jäger will get awarded next Friday at Frankfurt am Main the honor Muslim dignity. Pierre Vogel had happily agreed to give a eulogy.

"Mr. Hunter has an example used to abolish the fundamental law within the meaning of the Koran. He initiated cartoons prohibitions are groundbreaking, "said one board member.

The ceremony is in the Frankfurt Grand Mosque (formerly St. Paul's Church) will be held to give a clear signal against religious intolerance. (more ...)

Pressed Salafists to violence

Sunday 06 May 2012

This time two policemen nearly tapped, a total of 29 injured: And "provoked" (this is the voice control in the sheep media) all have some "right-wing extremists" (this is also language rules) who are legally exercising their right to demonstrate, therefore, that the such poor out irritated Islamists could not help but, as their prophet and their Book of Peace to defend in such a mild form.

The majority of Muslims but was, as a man, the minister called, not a single one of his officers stoned, attacked with sticks and stabbed with knives was, peacefully, showing everyone that the "rights" (= right-wing extremists, a make difference since only the most sensitive semanticist) for the whole mess actually are responsible.

Not yet you dare by politicians however - you have it indirectly yet tried -, the right to demonstrate, the right to freedom of expression against Mohammed, Islam, Quran repeal. That would be the declaration of bankruptcy, you know very well. (more ...)

Germanobellion against Unkuffar

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just saw as a Unkuffar, as he affirmed that Christians and Jews, all non-Muslims, were going to hell. So it stands now times in the Quran. Whether he should now change about the Koran?

Well, dear Islamophilic as is probably the problem. You can get a statement from such weight not simply be dismissed as a minor matter, where you gone believe liberal.

This is true concerning for many other passages, infidels, women, adulterers, etc.. Who the Qur'an takes its totalitarian, ruthless, cruel, and art conceivable enemy's demands, which can be in the blue bin equal to the book. Except any such legislation he consists of just poetizistisches redundant babble and drivel, which probably may sound harmoniously in Arabic and are good for recitative for weak minds.

And it must also be weak minds that can still tell reverently, of so-called "moderate Muslims," ​​Islam is a religion of peace. This is about as absurd as to assert that the G 36 is just a modern German walking stick. (more ...)

Organized Stupidity

Saturday 08 October 2011

Stupidity is indeed one.

On the other hand, it is said in the vernacular, was not an herb grown. (more ...)

Stupidity record

Saturday 08 October 2011

A bit I do believe.

It occurs to me that is hard to believe that one is then so easy to write of many serious Taken even stupider book than the Quran.

So far, the book is nonsense world record.


Scum of the world literature

Friday 03 December 2010

The Koran is the worst book of the so-called world literature that I have ever tried not to read. Since even the grundekelige, elementary kinky Old Testament complex and instructive.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The love and reason will win hand in hand on the Bible and the Koran. Otherwise it can not come on time.

Petraeus fears Koran burner

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A small group of Christian sects give the U.S. Army tremendous fear as their Afghan Upper Meier Petraeus here confirmed.

Muslims threaten already classic spin, their holy book should be burned 10,000 miles away in Florida a few spinners.

What is their prerogative, moreover, (more ...)

One may not even lick me in Ursche

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As a Jew or a Christian, I would be in accordance with the Koran at a much lower rights, so only socially discriminated against as violent here today a Muslim ever, just to tolerate even so; as neither the one nor the other Minderabrahamit not even that.

Why pray tell, I should, any non-Muslim should approve of this religion?

In the I as Heide basically of death?

For my part, let me sing to verdrümpelten Toleranzgeschwulfern of what is not even a minor third is far right?

They would have to, well north German, yes powdered almost from birth with the Klammerbeutel and his mind became completely harebrained.

But there are still plenty of Masonic rabble and others who want to sell us Islam as our common cultural enrichment.

Islam belongs to where he belongs, until he died there or changed.

I do not want a war, I want my peace.

Pure hypocrisy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"In love with Israel" is the Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders by his own admission, as Wikipedia, which is to think that Islam is a fascist ideology and the Koran, therefore, as I read the same Hitler wants to ban "Mein Kampf" in Holland.

I formulate it carefully, because I have not heard any of the comments personally by him and me obviously be issued here on minefield.

Against Islam criticism I have nothing; will know every one of my readers; if Islamkitik in Europe should, however, be formulated in the service of Israeli interests (for what it's even more evidence in the case are resis), a Putrid smell rises to my nostrils.

No matter namely what one may think of the Koran as Europeans rightly, since the Balfour Declaration justifies an abhorrence of same not in the least the Zionist policy no later than 1917; For details, I will spare here and now my well-informed readers.

I want to point but in the context of the Torah and the entire Old Testament of the Bible, the Koran provides the calls for atrocities and genocides in the shade.

Why this book now Mr. Wilders wants to ban not, it will probably only know themselves and hardly tell me.

Such mendacious "defender of European culture" can in any case remain entirely stolen.

Apart from this should already the suggestion of the prohibition of the common book of the earth (next to Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Bible, as far as I know) cause backed by jeers to refer its standard-bearer at least Absurdistan conditions.

PS: According to Wikipedia, refers to a certain Henryk M. Broder Wilders as "human rights". To do this, laughs in mutton castle, where in addition to poor soldiers housed at least one who has not forgotten how to read.