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Climategate: US-Emeritus throws down

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is supposed to speak for itself, says even the usually loquacious James Delingpole.


Al Gore to Tierra del Fuego

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Al Gore was spotted again in strange places: This time it was Tierra del Fuego.

There, in the late mid-summer, in one day, a little windy, but yet close to the temperatures, we bring a friendly late March about, he rose steeply on the rock in front of the Gischten of Cape Horn and announced the latest in March: he would most even there in overthrow the raging floods and drag the next-terminating glaciers of Antarctica personally to New York, the Hudson River ascend, pre UN headquarters, wofern the bad Indians and Chinese are not of them desisted to spread their Satanic Verses skepticism on global warming, they yonder ago to shame all over the world, where they vermöchten hardly incognito to escape him with his corpus delicti naughty.

Bare-heroes breast (more ...)


Sunday 07 March 2010

In October, my right arm was dreiviertelsverreckt, I had no wood at, froze like a tailor.

Like as if I were an Englishman always optimistic, I hoped then to a heat wave winter.

Nope again.

Now it's March, and the local maximum temperature today is expected to level off at about four degrees below zero.

Meanwhile, I think even the upper air swindler Phil Jones, the chilblains ate probably already up to my brain ascend, that the earth had not warmed since 1995.

Aphorisms 81

Sunday 07 March 2010

The saying "stupid f ... good" I've often heard of hetero specimens of Homo tumefaciens. "Stupid f ... best", however, never.

(I just got the notice that I have something like that already in charge of the subject. My memory has probably menopause.)

Gorakles the money Rainmaker

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I had almost forgotten that it still exists, the environmental lacquer monkeys Al Gore.

This may be on now unequivocally proven Gore-effect which means that wherever the Prophet of global sand and hurricanes tries to emerge, instead Blizzards use, so that his air helicopter strike, or an Arctic ice wind falls, the and the High Priest of all dumb goals of public places shivering hinfortpustet to retreat in his 30-room mansion in Tennessee.

To have smoked pot like his former boss Bill Clinton, who firmly expressed in loyalty, to have had no sexual relationship with his intern, which he found completely in order, because he probably let him blow only one, as he also admitted but without inhaling, even Al Gore is probably (more ...)

New to climate Mania

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Here the beginner as the lover is currently Delicious and Stimulating the climate hoax:


Go Brits, go!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Daily Telegraph blogger and journalist James Delingpole has complained a few days ago already smugly that he write a book on the climate hoax, it was perhaps already become obsolete until he could finish it, because the structure of lies perhaps as rapidly would collapse, that until then no one would find more interesting to read what and how it has served us since so naughty.

The attentive reader of this blog knows that I am not a big fan of British foreign policy in recent years (the German but not) to say the least; the British domestic politics, with approval of sharia courts in the traditional legal system over the manic Viedeoüberwachungswut, coupled with a political correctness that not even Christmas cards, Christmas in businesses or Santas, let alone Christmas decoration in city permits because the yes culturally could be discriminatory and do not just makes the knee due Trailer current "Britishness".

However, As far as the treatment of Air vertigo, so I have when I look at the German press for British compared, once again emphasize: Chapeau! (more ...)

Glacier Gate - Nitrous Oxide Gate - Furzgasgate - welding gas gate? Glacier Gate - Laughgasgate - Fartgasgate - Sweat gas gate?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Now it turned out that our global climate High Priest of the IPCC were, quite naturally, as appropriate to their species, even to the disappearance of the Himalayan glaciers have herausgelogen smooth, the policy to provide better scope for action, so just to us all Doofen good.

I wonder what the next "gate" through which we Dummbatze be driven by these Tagdieben: The "laughing gas Gate" about?

(N2O chemically as SUPER EVIL greenhouse gas is already taken seriously in position, so as it looks.)

Methane as "Furzgasgate" is already longer in vogue; but there must be something even more original!

It must happen everywhere, and we must all be to blame, so much is ever clear.

About "butyric Gate", commonly known as "welding gas gate"?

IPCC Blues

Monday, January 25, 2010

We have just lied again a bit

The data bent a little

Oh dear oh bacon

The glaciers are gone

Of course, there remain

But ohn Lug is not to father's

This would have gone himself

That we bow to the deniers

Al Gore in the yurt

Monday, January 25, 2010

After the swine flu a funeral first class import, namely, that you simply no longer talks about what was blown away because it is the recent revelations or the preceding panikologischen allegations to the effect that the Himalayan glaciers but probably only a few years later should be sealed as previously claimed by the "IPCC", just now sure: After the end of the world is prior to the end of the world, and what the chief priests and their adepts media interest already for their chatter from yesterday.

You just talk on!

Why you is there!

What have they learned otherwise at reasonable!

Only the usual evil, the wise Chinese (more ...)

Minus 55 degrees Celsius in North Dakota, only light frosts in Florida

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why at all someone buys a German newspaper.

While the alleged human-caused global warming in the UK is now being debated in many leaves, one in journalism Merkel Stan D is still doing just as we would the heat death shortly before, and you ignored simply continue that this winter from China to North America to Britain, even strikes to Cuba and India out as if to freeze Al Gore and all his IPCC dizziness company in the flight into the Amazon or the Congo Basin.

Soon it may come so far that we all were glad we wofern the earth by means of CO2 significantly heat up actually being in a position. (more ...)

Gay Science

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meanwhile, we need to align the issues regarding climate swindler strongly in how they seek to wriggle out of.

"By the time we all died, the earth is warmer devastating! But we want the money for ourselves against right now: we give it enough gas guaranteed against all deniers "!

God lives and punishes

Friday 08 January 2010

There's a loving God, who punishes.

Britain, the country where much of the air gasification swindler is located, experienced the harshest winter for at least 30 years.

Even the salt goes out, the gas now also.

You get what you call for.

Ceterum censeo Copenhaginem eat deridendam.

Wikigate (Fickigate)

Tuesday 05 January 2010

Of "Climategate" to "Wikigate": I admit I am a bit jealous that I could not think of the term itself.

However, I warn students and non students long before the "Wiki" (among friends I call him, sorry, the "Ficki"), because on this platform one can ever ask what actually are insects, and gets certainly the answer, who had all six legs, which is already the scientific name "Hexapoda" states.

From there, but the fun is sometimes quickly.

Once the issues are subtle, appeared not only fast times, a significant difference between the American and German F ... on, but it is one-sided, if not fed misleading.

So ask me once what a walrus weighs about which one can make quite there; the topics delicate ...

2009: The Year of the unmasking

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was in many ways a good year.

Let's start with our world savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

One has him by did nothing against the Israeli land grab in the West Bank, whose slaughter in Gaza as always supported with money and weapons, while the camouflaged as anti-terrorism operation in Afghanistan war that actually as a Brzezinkisches module for third world war against China and Russia serves, violently expanded, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the first played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the swine flu.

Once in the spring throughout Mexico City this seemed miserable to die, died at the end of the gigantic erupted vaccination campaign in my beloved fatherland is that only modest 5000000 with any Genmüll, squalene and thimerosal could poison and most of the rest of the Impfschweineeimer now as hazardous waste lying around and at best can still be wegverspendet as an official sour beer.

This was the second played out As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the air junk.

After becoming more frequent and increasingly massive doubts about the man-made global warming through CO2 were already been raised during the year, Climategate and arrived just in time before the Delirantengipfel in Copenhagen that its failure could only cause more pleasure.

This was the third out played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

Then the banks.

After all Zockergesockse could only survive because the taxpayer is saved, it immediately became extra-bold again and granted new record bonuses, quite boldly.

This was the fourth being played As for the credibility of politics and media sheep.

There were also a few "small aces" in the above sense: The bombing in Kunduz, the submissions of Bishop Käßmann on family policy, the tragedy of Robert Enke, the solidarity of the Federal Government with Israel, given the Gaza slaughter, are also included.

The whole Mache crumbling in every nook and cranny; while we should tolerate in this country every Muslim nonsense, we are the same the other way in their native war-oriented combat: Just seeing the vast majority of people this aptly stated exactly as fundamentally wrong as disastrous.

The warmongers policy, the people can not convince them, although almost all politicians and all sheep media did everything for it.


So we can be optimistic about the New Year: More and more people believe less and less of the propaganda against their interests, and ultimately she is directly addressed in reality.

Bottom line, the term only good consequences.

All readers a Happy New Year and an exciting, joyful, insightful, eternally reminding, Happy New Year!

Christmas Tip

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gerhard Wisnewski has released yesterday on the network side of the Kopp-publishing an article, to which I will refer specifically here: "Air bankruptcy: Since the foam Globalist"


"Climate deniers" is equal to "Holocaust deniers"?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

As mentioned here before on several occasions, have recently been several times called "climate deniers" with "Holocaust deniers" practically set in one.

First, the importance clarification, because the topic is, naturally, difficult "climate deniers" is an idiotic term, because it suggests that there are people outside the lunatic asylum or a caring other intensive care, because not denied as a comedian or satirist, there would be a climate .

Especially since in the analogy to "Holocaust deniers" who does not believe in the systematic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime, which would be the equivalent. (more ...)

Al Guru

Sunday, December 20, 2009

His Guru paying attention not only allowed him all cosmic and terrestrial especially love flow to: best deal of money.

Gurus who go in sackcloth and ashes, I have to say it so hard and unmistakably irreverent as just before the Christmas party, are megaout.

In the Upper Air Killer Country India there may be a few of these verkifften preacher, vegetating on otherwise strictly vegetarian living; in the enlightened countries of the West, however, a climate savior without private helicopter is little respected.

In Dubai, even where it has long since learned how to build 800-meter towers on pumping on sand, even the Filipino maids and Pakistani boots servants a decent gurus should at least fly business class: otherwise the guru is not even in the country left.

This Baghwan blessed thus made in the home country of the Gurus with his 26 Rolls-Royce limousines in front of his in the mud singing and copulating disciples the true postmodern avant-garde, in its unearthly spirituality he has probably not been a single time even counted.

So we see what the human spirit is capable of when he needs of the commons only sufficiently relieve themselves; a true role model can only be one who is recognized by the plebs to be completely caught up.

Wherefore I now have spare for my private helicopter and put seldom times a log of wood according to the oven, I will eventually also bring something!

Gore drives from

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Al Gore was spotted on a water plaice.

He drives, pursued by his former disciples, whose derivatische bankruptcy investments in climate killer certificates pushed him from the shore, helpless in the South Seas.

New Zealand and Australia have refused to grant him political asylum and thereby invoke the urangelsächsische tradition of justice and moderation.

That he has not drowned in his water plaice according to dpa, followed by the happy circumstance for him, in time a hockey stick collection to have created and this still taken as practiced Fetishes last ride.

As a fascinating bundle tied, he keeps it on his stomach still above water.

As an old hockey player I know what is already to make a racket in the situation; Al Gore is truly a wise man.

In the Pacific Ocean, quite as solitary savior of the world, the Nobel laureate will hopefully soon his well-deserved eternal peace.

dpa reports yet that Angela Merkel could be made just in time by the Federal Security Cabinet under guardianship and medical observation: She had personally a wetsuit along with fins requested at the frogmen of the German Armed Forces to hinterherzuschwimmen All their Guru.

Climate Nazis?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I still got the hint that I should times of the occasion to introduce the term "climate Nazi" with respect to the greenhouse skeptics buzzing since the relevant comparison is sufficiently positioned with respect to the Holocaust, yes.

I refused at first because I thought it would probably only "Nazi", but not "climate" related: the Nazi then to me, though, although, though and even though I did not invent the comparison itself, the air but then also simple at all, so somehow generalmitschuldig.

In this respect only the form of a question remains: Got Allus Gorus Trislogistissimus his Nobel Peace Prize in reality actually that he was regarded as the most capable air-Nazi hunter?

Al Gore

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fugun The Great, The Stuff, lord of the clouds and the time, has stated: When an e-mail has been sent to me to decide!

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