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Al Gore: It is so warm that it is very cold.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Here you can see nice pictures and even on top of that Al Gore to hear that, of course, global warming at a very extensive glaciation of the northern hemisphere is to blame.

Incidentally, in Japan, China, across the Asian land mass, with the exception of Western Europe, including a large part of North America; and on the Mexican border, in Ciudad Juarez, to be minus 15 degrees night temperatures expected.

In North and Central China, to almost down to the subtropical east coast, ice and snow, the west appears virtually ice-free only the Takla Makan, which, however, has a unique special climate.

Consider that we write only the beginning of the month of February, such ice extent in the northern hemisphere - the so from the fortieth degree of latitude relatively much more land mass measured at sea over the higher latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere brings - readily to be breakout due for a while could result in self-reinforcing seasonal slowdown, with more ice and snow and low temperatures.

In particularly unfavorable case could, what would be the most fatal, result in an extremely late, but then huge, accompanied by rain snow melt not only to violent floods, but mainly to the fact that millions of square kilometers of the best arable land are so long under water, that in this year can not be managed.

Then the food is really expensive, because for clarification: On this Eisschiene There are the major grain exporters in the world.

But let's not equal black or even Al Gore see: The Winter 83/84/85 I still icy in memory. (more ...)

Go, Telegraph, Go!

Monday, December 06, 2010

You have the Daily Telegraph really get him "Eggs has" in terms of alleged global warming.

Quote from the linked article :

"What we are seeing here is one of the greatest collective flights from reality in the history of the human race."

(What we now perceive here is one of the largest collective evasion from reality in the history of the human race.)

Better way to phrase it hardly.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday I read on the net that irgendsoein climate cheese Kasper Reverend thought of and science (its name, which stands for all the gossips of this kind, I will not honor here by reference), he was pretty confident that we would know in about 20-30 years whether the earth actually Heat.

Where this Master Augur from the chair of all seers, soothsayers, and prophets Mantiker this ingenious, irrefutable perspective probably has come from?

Already permanently drunk makes a glass of Himalayan glacier melt water, we provided only enough believe in it?

When may we perceive the recent revelations, the definitive Deliria this pseudo-scientific brandy noses?

Climate change is great

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If the olive oil in the kitchen shelf flocculates in the bottle and the aquavit in the porch was the perfect temperature, the refrigerator is used as a warming tray, then take climate change as seriously slow.

You feel it somehow heroic and altruistic since: Elsewhere, probably in Liguria, people can go to for Christmas in hotpants for shopping.

My feet are so old it has cooled, conversely, the orange skin free, extremely handsome naked Jungweiberbeinchen on the Italian Riviera, I can look at me as a reward and compensation in the network.

All this I have the drivers, the coal-fired power plants in China, the Dampfsabblern in Copenhagen and thanks also to my beloved sheep media that brought me to the path of right belief.

Since I believe in the man-made global warming, I will hardly really cold; I just tell myself that I just imagining me; I'll get the aquavit, and the day begins, as though I have long been a left-happy Russian would, his father country mother and the frost is called Father.

PS: And what Practical: Morning When I opened the cellar door today, I noticed again that the potatoes for the winter was actually too wet and too warm; I have now left open the door and let him simultaneously on the principle of rising warm air to cool while I so absolutely killer gas-free beheize the hallway.

A good conscience is the best heat pad.

Save the walruses!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everyone talks about the polar bear.

It has always been this threaten the walruses.

Just because the walruses not Western thinness and beauty principle correspond, wrinkled and somewhat gruff, no-one has a thing for her.

And even the Pacific walrus acts do not like a pure pacifist and female polar bears friend; equipped with a 60 inch long penis bones and equipped little friendly tusks of up to one meter to show up, as always, especially the bulls as Erzmachos.

So I initially zergendern all understand that the desire comes, to let these creatures who like are not even willing to eat from the good; they are so sweet and cute and do not want to even play often.

Nevertheless, I think it is an unbearable Bioethnozentrismus and difficult diskriminös that is always spoken only of the cute bears and walruses are treated the other hand, such as whether they were North Sea Taliban laying ugly rind veil itself, aesthetically only to average Europeans in their hurting-religious sentiments.

And the ladies beards, carrying the Walrossweibchen to its 600-800 kilos to be taken seriously by the cops halfway, which rotates the polar bear fanatic these comical creatures probably still pure, only that they may be worse crawled into the picture!

Totally unacceptable!

PS: Of all the climate rabble, all these merciless Goresken animal racists in Copenhagen, I have not heard a word for the walruses, effektheischendes certificates Pack, hypocritical!

The poem from son of fools

Monday, December 07, 2009

My son Haldor that tomorrow is nine years old and has long said he wanted time to be an actor (I joked occasionally if its Leutetotbabbelei he would get to the Eighteenth unceremoniously given a puppet theater and then could be so self make), just the following poem has written, if you will, a pig for climate:

There once was a pig

The also had four legs'

It gear on many festivals

And drank wine

It was so fine

As his own home

The pig also has two ears

And times goes lost one

Then gift 'him one of you

The pig is generally

Day after day

(The header text is also by him.)

Climategate (Climategate) III

Saturday 05 December 2009

The less the climate hysteria is to hold on to the more fabulous are the protagonists.

I said yesterday a good friend that I already have no more desire to write about it.

But you can not just do whatever you feel like.

I'm going to still put me on the bike and a few grams of CO2 injected into the atmosphere more out of sheer malice selfish, because when I would sit here at the computer.

If Al Gore does not go holding me with one of his helicopters and verknastet as deniers, I get happy for climate killer volleyball tournament my son and maybe even the way the offenders make up, which maintain him in the locker room to hide his shoes.

Now that's worth a doomsday.

Children criminals soul Climate Killer

Monday, October 12, 2009

The British government is now for first six million pounds in the early evening a letter addressed to children minute horror video broadcast: "The bed-time story on climate change".

I can recommend to anyone under the search term to open the concoction once and watch.

Who something planted in the souls of children because of the CO2-climate propaganda war against the skeptical adult does not run as expected, which is capable of anything (the official reason for the action is, that there are still too many doubters in the UK would be).

To traumatize children even using tax money specifically and deliberately incite against their parents, is simply criminal.

Many British newspapers are also, as far as I could sift through so far, not overly amused; it will be interesting to extensions.

Guilt money for killer gas

Saturday, August 29, 2009

To the whole greenhouse gas Erderwärmungsgeschichte still an interjection, once considered only the linguistic-logical side.

It has made the innocent and indispensable for our life plant nutrient carbon dioxide, whose adequate availability is as important as water, made a bad gas, the climate killer number. 1st

A designation but funnier, seriously meant, you probably could barely bring to the people; and yet they quickly became familiar.

But in Russia of the nineteenth century there was also the Christian sect of castrati who emasculated himself as the only way to todsündliche source of the rejected life on earth appeared to dry out as safe. (more ...)