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Children NOT to power!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There is hardly anything worse than having to scold his children or to have it done.

One always wonders, no matter how compelling the reason for clarity or appeared, would have been less if not enough.

But it does not help: Sometimes there is no other way.

Some time ago I met a, great, funny speech to some people, the thought that he had his children not educated, simply allowed them everything.

And yet, or perhaps because, of all of them was "what has become".

I believe this man a word. (more ...)

Air astray kill children

Friday, October 01, 2010

Please take a look at what the climate err spread now:

It is propaganda on children's bodies.

What's next?

Who steals little children?

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Riposte Sarrazin against the SPD leadership in the FAZ contained exactly with highlighted what I feared:

"I criticize a disproportionate increase of educationally disadvantaged strata (also by parts of the migration) in our country, and because these layers get significantly more children than the educated families, caused performance problems in the country. To change this, I call in my book (page 328/329) among other things: from the age of three kindergarten duty to promote the formation of layers close to all ... "


As a solution of Unterschichten- and especially Muslim migration problem: All must deliver their often not even during the day when children clean state!

What kind of social-democratic Sparta is that supposed to be, Mr. Sarrazin?

And it is to be feared that Mr. Gabriel will enter exactly this demand as drawn by an invisible hand, Ms. von der Leyen with in a moment. I smell the poisoned apple for some time: Now I'm going to even more clearly than before .

And I will here no conspiracy theory speak the word, and finally makes even casual thieves, but it would actually be a classic: (more ...)

Konstantin redeemed the Braunschweiger children

Sunday 05 September 2010

Till Eulenspiegel's unknown brother Constantine from Hünxe was on his way to Berlin. On the way to Brunswick, he returned to a city in the broad daylight anywhere children played in the streets and were noisy.

'Why, Hamelin is still behind me, what does that mean then?', Thought Constantine.

He asked an old woman at the market, where does all the little children had remained, and this answered with a sigh: "You spend the children for some time during the day to the armory, as it does not interfere with work and can not do any mischief, says the City Council. "

Constantine said his ears not to be trusted, nor inquired here and there, but the information always remained the same.

So he hurried to the town hall (more ...)

Eva Herman at his best

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here knows the love Eva Herman rightly makes no mercy and especially Alice Schwarzer round, that it is a pleasure to read:


Ms. Herman is a shining example of how a person can grow even really get when an entire angry mob tried to destroy him ready. (more ...)

500 Milliärdchen

Monday, May 10, 2010

500000000000 has one now awarded to support cash-strapped euro states.

Same amount, only times ten to the minus eleven have just wasted before my children as their form of pocket money; if ten million German children do without ten thousand weeks long on their Jux, so roughly rounded grade times for two hundred years, then is fun, easy and without interest if paid off with a stable euro.

If we remember that the ordinary Scientologist has normally to commit to one billion years of good cause, you can see immediately how small this little Notopfer exempts itself; and really cruel it would have been, if we had dried up the systemic speculators, without which the welfare of mankind is as unthinkable as without the Germans pay for everything.

And their indispensable power, I mean those of speculators, should, after all worthwhile, because otherwise you would have them also pay the Hartz: who now not konsquent FDP chooses, must be stupider than it should still allow the police.

Children criminals soul Climate Killer

Monday, October 12, 2009

The British government is now for first six million pounds in the early evening a letter addressed to children minute horror video broadcast: "The bed-time story on climate change".

I can recommend to anyone under the search term to open the concoction once and watch.

Who something planted in the souls of children because of the CO2-climate propaganda war against the skeptical adult does not run as expected, which is capable of anything (the official reason for the action is, that there are still too many doubters in the UK would be).

To traumatize children even using tax money specifically and deliberately incite against their parents, is simply criminal.

Many British newspapers are also, as far as I could sift through so far, not overly amused; it will be interesting to extensions.

Cursed himself

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just said yesterday at Germany premiere of the Nazi-killer shocker "Inglourious Basterds" several times looked at me in Berlin the official movie trailer of this country is applying the theatrical release for August 20.

I wonder if I was facing the main characters and six-time family man Brad Pitt (as far as I know he currently has two children of her own with "the most beautiful woman in the world" and four adopted) should now develop compassion in the face of what this man is here.

In some years, namely his children will also get to see this film; and if Pitt and Jolie should not manage to educate all their children to completely brutalized person shooters, then Pitt's own children are her dad ask questions to which he is not easy even with all his millions can avoid. (more ...)

Deed for deed

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The idea is simple: Every household in which children are raised and works in which at least one parent, it is socially insured or self-employed, will receive a key to be drawn up to 50,000 euros annual income linearly decreasing a time credits.

That is, the respective household is entitled to ancillary activities in the home, in child care, waste management, in the garden, in purchasing, etc. by Hartz IV recipients in a certain extent of hours per week.

No winner targeted activities (office, production, etc.) can be accessed here. Who does not want to cash in his hours to complete can sell this for z. B. four euros per hour to interested parties. We start the program with childless, 30-year-old among beneficiaries.

Nobody sees a more why there are now low earning are millions of end of work with children who do not receive any relief by unemployed beneficiaries. (more ...)