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Saturday, 08 May 2010

Nietzsche called for a new person who comes to higher things by renouncing old, alleged truths, as a wanderer who does not spare himself, the world's beauty, and those who do not want to see.
To want to clamp Nietzsche before the cart of liberalism / capitalism is about like trying to draw a Sumpfmolch the Leitelefanten the snout into the water hole to there to eat him applause of algae.

Understandable but naive

Tuesday, 09 March, 2010

I just read again in a longer power debate around that Europe's problems with Islam had specifically the subject.

Of the many arguments to the - whether or eingebrodert versteinfeldet us - have been replaced lately, I noticed a particularly striking was indeed already taken up by Lafontaine, but so far results in a relative shadows.

It is very scarce (and now I heard the like also of "rights"!): "Islam provides community security and cohesion, commands, to share with the poor, and he knows the prohibition of interest, thus provides the main enemy of capitalism, the forehead, which obviously no longer able we decadent Westerners. "(So he is good ...)

This is already a unique blend of fact and fiction, which I consider to be worthy of being considered a bit more detail. (more ...)

Aphorisms 48

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The International capitalism follows the International Socialism as the blind and lame into the hole.

A money acolyte lichtschlägert

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Before being eaten away envy you a Socialist, Nazi blind hatred - and of self-confidence and charity capitalist."

So today is the quote of the day on the line side of "strange free" (ef-magazin.de), whose author is owner André F. Lichtschlag.

Now I will leave the first two assertions are times, however, the third pick.

Strangely, many with healthy self-confidence hairdresser, musician, engineer, physical education teacher, actor, carpenter, doctor, etc. and not capitalist.

Stranger still, even if Mr. Lichtschlag anyone who works automatically and understood as a capitalist in complete perversion of the term, the Established awareness thereof in charity: That really can then only be understood as meaning that anyone who unscrupulously other of the productive forces gathers together what he can get, whether instigated from his charity out, since the maximum yaw for individuals to bring all the other at the conclusion of most welfare.

Wat'n fairy tale.

Anti-capitalist conspiracy?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I just read a blog article a market fundamentalists to this year's Nobel Prize for economics.

After I got over by means of various cup anise liquor somewhat the terrible disappointment that my favorite, Helicopter Ben Bernanke did not win, the article mentioned gives me now Anderlei balancing refreshment and etching.

The Lord wrote of "Economic Sciences", so how annoying it is that the host sheep to their parasites, the capitalists buck, always unapologetic.

The most beautiful misspellings for a long time.

Or is it a perfidious communist conspiracy, a "false flag operation"?

Was there something?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The military fails: Afghanistan. Capitalism fails: the financial crisis. The health fails: swine flu. The research fails: climate lie. The Company fails: Islam. The men fail: cowardly. The women fail: barren. The media fail: in everything.

Were there times something like politics?

"Smarter World"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is the reason that the world is "no wiser was" as Der Spiegel it this week - see previous article - formulated incorrectly, so that when we once benevolent interpret, actually-meaning that turned the face of the financial crisis nothing for the better has?

Again, if one is wiser in relation to a thing, they have not changed for a long time.

The answer is as simple as logical as terrible: the majority on the basis of events certainly become wiser has not yet found a means to break the power of money dictatorship. (more ...)

Guilt money for the killer gas

Saturday, August 29, 2009

To the whole greenhouse gas Erderwärmungsgeschichte still an interjection, once considered only the linguistic-logical page.

It has been out of the innocent, indispensable for our life plant nutrient, carbon dioxide, the sufficient availability is as important as water, made a bad gas, the climate killer no.. 1

A funnier name but, seriously meant, you probably could hardly bring to the people; and yet they quickly became familiar.

But in Russia the nineteenth century there was also the Christian sect of the castrati who castrated himself as the only way to todsündliche source of the discarded earthly life appeared to dry as safe. (more ...)

Poor pig

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Capitalism is a poor pig. Currently almost all beat on him, though he is thoroughly good. Just because some have not understood him correctly, he is made the sin pig Bock. He can anything for all the misery he sees people simply as cattle, hence than what they are.

Now punish him for his realism, in fact, is the pure meanness. Noble, helpful and good, as his character the people will always lead to greater things, he is now virtually ostracized by all those who from small, personal-scabby reasons simply do not want to understand his unlimited generosity. Each mountain gorilla, koala bears any people show that compassion, just not with him as a threatened species (more ...)